Monday, March 4, 2013

Our Little Tee Ball Player!

2013-03-04 17.56.50

Griffin had his very first tee ball practice last night! It was very surreal for this Momma as I have loved the game since a very young girl and now all of a sudden I have a SON old enough to play too? He was super excited but a little timid, as he had never been a part of something organized before. Well really more like organized chaos ha!


I encouraged him to go get in line to catch the ball and throw it back to the coach. He did a very good job!


Here is the Orange team all huddled up with their coach. You’ll notice a girl standing next to Griffin in the back. That’s Colby, and she is good! She made this girl player proud. I’m willing to bed Griffin snags her as his new best friend soon, as he tends to navigate toward pretty girls Smile


Little brother wasn’t sure what was going on. How come Bubby could go out on the field and run and he couldn’t be right by his side as usual? Taking it all in… and soon he will be joining him too!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Griffin and Mommy date


Today you and I had some one on one time for a Griffin and Mommy date. I had told you the night before and you were SO excited when you woke up. You had never been to Krispy Kreme before so I  decided to let that be part of our special time together.


You loved watching them make the doughnuts and picked out this one with chocolate and sprinkles on it! You gobbled it up and while eating talked to me about your best friend, Isabella from school, how you were excited to help hold and feed Lexi when she comes, that your favorite colors are blue, brown and orange AND that you loved playing batman and spiderman.

As we were leaving I asked you what you’d like to do next and you said, “Go find me some Batman sandals.” It just so happens that there was a consignment sale going on so we went and although we didn’t find just that we did find new spiderman pjs and shirt & a Ben 10 puzzle.

I loved getting to concentrate on just you and tell you what a special boy you are to me. You were very sweet and told me how much you loved our date but couldn’t wait to get home to see Carter and Daddy!

The great baby powder explosion


Much to your Daddy and I’s surprise after you and Carter just being in your room alone for 5 minutes….. we saw this! Baby powder EVERYWHERE! You blamed it on Carter of course and said he got it out of the nursery, which he did. But the bad choice on your part is when you decided it was time to pretend like you were changing each others diapers AND throw the entire rest of the bottle of baby powder where ever you could!


Book shelf, in your toy buckets, along the wall, in your beds, up your bunk bed stairs…


and ALL over your pottery barn chairs. Needless to say it was in your benefit that Daddy was home and calmed Mommy down by just laughing hysterically when he saw it. Oh son, yes it could have been worse like marker or glue but we will be finding baby powder for the next year now I’m sure!!!