Monday, January 28, 2013

Cool dude


This is the outfit you picked out all by yourself today. Cool dude with cowboy boots, “comfortable” clothes and shades, of course! You are just too cool son!


At school you are the cool boy that all the girls are chasing. Mrs Amber tells me that the 3 girls in your class all fight over who gets to sit by you. And at playtime you run around holding Isabella’s hand calling her your “best buddy.”

Stop growing so fast you cool dude Smile

Sunday, January 13, 2013

I told you it’s a girl!!

Tonight on the drive home I said, “Griffin, did you know the doctors are going to tell us girl or boy tomorrow?” And without hesitation you said, “But Mommy, I’ve already told you it’s a BABY GIRL!” Very funny for me because I would have never guessed you would say you wanted a sister or was even thinking that way, however, you have not waivered for the last few months on your guess.

Just last week in nursery I was holding a 3 month old tiny baby boy and you were just enthralled with him. You came up and was rubbing his hands, feet and head and just were in awe. I looked at you as my heart was melting thinking about you being a big brother again and said, “Griff, you know we are going to have our own baby like this soon?” And you said, “Yes Momma, but this one is a boy and ours will be a girl!”

We will see if you are right come tomorrow little boy!