Friday, October 26, 2012


2012-10-19 11.29.52

Today you are 3 and a half and it is weird for me to even type. You are ALL boy and in full swing of being a preschooler. You recently had your first camping trip in the fall and LOVED it. You and your buddy Isaiah played with sticks, dirt and leaves and had a blast.


You are full of energy and are always asking what you can eat to get more energy. You are a decent eater but often times mealtime is when you meltdown because you don’t want to have to stop playing to eat. Daddy has started telling you the you have to eat to get muscles and energy and it helps!


You continue to excel in school. You love writing your name and can even do some of your classmate’s names too. You often are trying to figure out how to spell words and can identify all your letters. You really get excited when its time for reading because books are your favorite! You love going to school, your friends Carson and JB, and your teacher Mrs. Amber.


Family is very special to you and you always love when we are going to visit them. Uncle Moose has finally won you over and I love seeing you with ALL your aunts and uncles.


You love Smokey and are an orange boy through and through! You get so excited when we say that we get to go to campus on gamedays or watch the Vols on TV. Good Ole Rocky Top is often sung LOUDLY when we are in the car!


You’ve become quite the jokester. Recently you’ve been making up jokes and your favorite is: What does a dog do when it eats cat food? It says Meow!


Your self-esteem has been climbing these last few months and instead of hearing “I cant” you are trying new things. I love seeing you succeed at what you are trying to do!


You’ve also started finding fun in things that you used to hate. I remember taking you to the pumpkin patch the first year and you were TERRIFIED of the corn. This year, Daddy buried you in it and you LOVED it!


We are so proud of you Griffin Jonah. You are an excellent big brother, fun-loving, hilarious, sweet hearted and precious little boy. Stop growing so fast though please! Oh and when I told you that last you said, “Mommy I wont grow this much (holding out your hands wide), I’ll only grow about this much (holding your hands together much smaller.)” You stinker!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall update on Griffin Jonah


We are loving the cooler weather of Fall and enjoy walks around our neighborhood. You amaze me by wanting to push your brother the entire way!


You had a date with Mommy this weekend to Target. I like to get some alone time with my big boy and you like that I spoil you with candy!


We took your friend Addie to Uncle Scott’s football game and you two were adorable. Looking like you were on a date!


Mommy scored this awesome Batman outfit at a consignment sale…. now you're set for Halloween!


Sweet time with Uncle Moose doing your favorite- reading!


Picture day at school with your friends


And we were SO proud of you! This past week you told your teacher you wanted to write your name all on your own… AND YOU DID IT!!! Go Griffin Go!