Friday, August 31, 2012

Go Big Orange Kickoff Party!


Our family has been counting down the kickoff to the 2012 football season for what seems like forever…. and we had a big party to celebrate it finally arriving! There is just something about living back in Knoxville and sharing the excitement with fellow UT fans We had a BLAST and of course it was even more fun since we came out with the first WIN of the season. I did get a little into the game and so there wasn’t as many pictures taken as I had wished. But nonetheless the night was documented and I got some cute ones of the kiddos!


Griffin and his favorite neighbor, Natalie


Mr. Checkerboard overalls and Carter boy


Lots of orange!


These precious kiddos are the boys 2nd cousins. JR and their daddy, Eric are first cousins and they only live 10 minutes from us now!


Griffin and Bryce- one year a part and giggle the entire time they are together!


Haley and Carter- she just turned 2 and her tutu was just too much! Love it Smile


The adorable Pryor sporting his #11 jersey.


Thanks to all who came… and G-O V-O-L-S!!!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Snapshots of August


Moving on up! This is the day that you were advanced on to the older 3s class! We celebrated with Sonic!


I’ve been teaching you how to do more things on your own. You are a big help around the house, helping with laundry, dishes and dusting. You now know how to make your own bed too!


We’ve enjoyed going to watch Uncle Scott’s team play high school football. You boys have football deep in your family and you love it too!


While Carter takes his morning nap, you and I play games. Connect 4 is your current fav.


You’re totally obsessed with Batman at this age!


You and your brother love going to the splash pad. Boys and your guns Smile


We’ve had some fun on Diddy’s lake and you continued your streak of catching fish!


We also joined some friends for a day at Dollywood…. you LOVE LOVE LOVE that place!


more splash pad fun!


We were in Gatlinburg and you and your Daddy went into the Lids hat store. You came around the corner with this jewel that you picked out all by yourself. Maybe one of the funniest things you’ve ever done. Smile