Saturday, June 30, 2012


You've started swimming with swimmies now and we are so proud to see you do it all by yourself!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer fun!

Oh you silly little boy! Thank goodness I have you to take care of the bad guys for me! This was a day at home where you decided you needed to put your weapons in your undies in case the "bad guys" came :)
You really enjoyed water day at school! I love seeing you play with your friends and it blesses my heart to hear you say how much you LOVE school! Your teacher always brags on you that you are her helper and very obedient. I often hear you bossing the other kiddos around when I pass by ha... we will just say you are a natural leader!

I've never seen you so excited to see a friend as you were "Jack Jack" this past weekend. You two boys giggled so much and had a blast together. And to think that you hadnt seen each other in 9 months... I'm so thankful yall are still good friends.

You are growing right before our eyes. I look at you just about every day and cant believe that I have a 3 year old. You are such a sweet boy and there is never a dull moment. We are having so much fun with you this summer. You are an independent, full of life, sports loving, book reading, kind hearted, sweet sweet boy that we LOVE!
I just found this picture tonight and was wandering where my tiny little boy went? Ahh... please stop growing so fast! Love you little stinker

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day note

Here was your card to Daddy this father's day

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Your first hike!

While Mommy had a girls day Saturday, Daddy and you boys had some fun too! Daddy couldn't wait to share the mountains that he OH SO LOVES!

 Cades Cove is specifically his favorite, and if you remember you have been there once before for our 4th wedding anniversary.
 The rewarding view at the end... "This big big big big WATERFALL!" as you said :)
 You did amazing, walking the whole way all by yourself at 3 years old. You enjoyed picking up rocks and sticks to throw in the water and also splashing around in it at different points to cool off.
 Carter spent all his time in the carrier and he took two naps!
 Daddy and his boys!
I'm still in shock that yall did it... but you did! Daddy and the boys' first hike is going down in the books. Abram Falls. 5 miles total. June 2012!

 "Daddy, that was the most fun thing I ever did as a kid." PRICELESS!