Friday, March 30, 2012

Enjoying beautiful weather in March!

 This March has given us incredibly awesome weather! Its been in the 80s pretty much the entire month and already feels like summer. We have taken advantage and made many trips to the park. Swinging is still your favorite!
 We have also been working on writing your name. You can spell it and recognize all the letters so far and are getting better and better at tracing it!
 You boys were given this horse from a friend a church and you named him bullseye :)
 When you see Uncle Phil and Kelly at church you run to them as fast as you can! We love having them at Bethesda with us and will miss them when we leave soon!
Avery invited us to the museum with her to enjoy another beautiful day.

 And while Mommy was cleaning out the van you brought your ball out for some punting practice.
 Another day at the park playing with your brother and other friends. You are so funny when you get there you always ask if your "friends" will be there to play with. Of course they are perfect strangers however you could care less. Everyone is a friend to you!
I recently found out that you got snap happy with Mommy's phone. You told on yourself without even knowing it :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I trust in Jesus

This is your favorite song these days and every time you here it on the radio you get so excited and sing along as loud as you can!