Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Photos through January!

You were thrilled to find your very own size grocery cart at a local place here in town and felt "so big!"

Uncle Phil is your very favorite babysitter. He lets you play on his phone and computer. "Show me something cool, Uncle Phil!"

Silly boys!
Super Hero Griffin!
We celebrated Daddy's 30th birthday with the boys... and you were right in the middle of the crew :)
You and Carter continue to have a love/hate relationship. One minute you are screaming because you cant share and the next I catch you doing this....
We enjoyed a day at the museum with Dalton and Sabrina. You love hanging out with older kids and definitely thrive when you have someone around to show you the ropes. This picture is funny because they were bending down because you were short and you didnt want to be left out so you did it too.

You are a fun loving, full of energy, question asking, always into everything, handome boy!