Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy birthday Jesus!

 You woke up this Christmas morning in Tennessee at your Susu and Diddy's. And even more important you woke up as the first time being a big bro. It was so sweet to see you give Carter the biggest hug when we all got up!
 You immediately wanted to help Susu make breakfast, as you have been her right hand man in the kitchen all week.
 Uncle Ty and Aunt Cara came to join the fun and we got ready to open presents
 Thomas PEZ!!

 superman costume!
 After our yummy breakfast and opening gifts we took some time to do family pictures outside

 Next stop.. Cici and Pip's!!!
You two could hardly contain yourself when you opened MICKEY!!
 They made you a book that they recorded themselves reading to you
 You got a camera and wanted to take pictures of everything, just like Mommy!

 We made Jesus' birthday cake
 and helped Cici make a yummy dinner for us all to enjoy

 Potts, or Pottserelli as you named him this week, and Mimi joined us
 Cici and Pipper spoiled us all for sure!
We very much enjoyed spending this special day with our family and most of all were thankful to celebrate Jesus' birthday! You were so sweet in trying to understand that it was HIS bday but that we all got to open the presents :)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas pictures

 We had your Christmas pictures taken a few weeks ago and I am SO thrilled with this shot of you two boys. Definitely the best picture of the two of you yet!
 I also LOVE this shot of you.. my handsome big boy!
 The others werent as good but still wanted to post them to remember. And your face makes me laugh... as if you are saying, "Woman I dont know why you put me in this pose!"

Mommy's helper

 I have been wrapping Christmas presents lately and today while Carter was napping you asked if you could help. I asked you what you would like to wrap and you said, "A present for Carter." So then I asked you to find something you would want to give Carter for Christmas and then we wrapped it! Your Daddy and I are trying to instill that Christmas is not about the gifts but instead the greatest gift of all that God gave us in Jesus. Therefore because we are so thankful we want to give gifts to others. This of course made my heart smile when you said you wanted to give some of your own things to your brother!

 You also want to "help" when I am in the kitchen so I finally took you up on that. I taught you how to put away and sort the silverware and you did an EXCELLENT job!
You are also now the official dish rinser outer :)

The funny thing is that now you now how to do it you are looking for anything and everything you can go and wash... you love it! I am going to take advantage of all the help I can get since I am sure you will change your mind when you are about 8!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Show me something COOL!

Daddy just got a new phone not to long ago and you love to crawl up into his lap and say, "Show me something cool!" Typically that means you want to see a TN football video on Youtube ha. He also snapped this photo of you two silly boys!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

I'm running around in my undies!

One of your favorite things to do these days are to "just wear my undies." You often ask either after going to the bathroom or when we are chancing your clothes if you can just run around in your undies. I of course think its cute and funny but realize at some point I'm gonna need to teach you that its not okay all the time ha!

Yes I realize you are going to kill me for this one day but its just much too cute not to capture :)