Friday, November 11, 2011

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Love your heart!

 Today was one of those over the top happy moments for me as your Mommy. I told you this morning that we were going to go and buy one of our friends from Africa some things for Christmas. Just before we made it out the door you said, "Wait Mommy, I need my money." Cici had given you your first dollar that you had been proudly showing in your pocket for a few days. You wanted to use it to buy "your friend" a toy.
 You had the BEST time picking out his things! I explained to you beforehand that there were many kids in the world who didnt have toys like you did and that we wanted to bless "your friend" and tell him that Jesus loves him too. Of course we dont know who this shoebox will go to... but that doesnt matter because we still want to love our neighbors.
 You found some of your favorite things to share: football, candy, coloring pages
 toothbrush, batman soap, Mickey Mouse puzzle and crayons
We also found your new favorite game, Dominos AND some books!

Dear son, I do pray that you would see others as Jesus sees them and love them just as He does! I am so proud of you for wanting to share with someone you dont even know and plan to continue this tradition and add many others ways to let you share the love of Jesus!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Good buddies

I havent seen you squeal with delight as much as you did tonight when you saw your buddy!