Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall Festival

 I was super bummed when your brother woke up sick on Saturday afternoon and I realized I wasnt going to be able to go to the Fall Festival our church was having. Thankfully we have some awesome friends and they agreed to let you go with them! You had been talking about going to "the farm" for days and so I would have been really sad if you couldnt go too.
 Aunt Stacey was so glad to have you as her date!
 There was a fun hay maze
 and a hayride!
 Daddy was there too. He actually was in charge of the whole thing though so he was pretty busy.
 You got to finally meet Dalton and Sabrina, who are Jerry and Audrey's grandchildren that we have heard so much about and yall became best buds!
 Little cutie in your football hat :)
 The Brantleys were able to love on you some too
 Fun times at the bonfire
You came home one happy boy and couldnt stop talking about your time on the farm with Aunt Stacey :)

2 1/2

You are 2 1/2 today and I wanted to document what life at 2 1/2 was like for you! First of all you are so funny! Your little personality has blossomed and you come up with the funniest things to say. You recently stole my heart by saying, "Back up Daddy, I've got to kiss my Mommy!" and also said that Carter was your best friend. You love to dance to music too and anytime you hear it you are busting a move and all smiles while doing it! The funniest is probably when you play the guitar and make this silly face by sticking out your pouty lips and closing your eyes while head banging ha!

You are so smart. Just today we did a numbers puzzle and you were not only recognizing most of the numbers but counting objects up to 9. You know how to spell your name and are working now on spelling Isham. You also know your birthday: the 26th of April! You love to color and play with playdough and are getting better and better at your colors. You go back and forth with the ones you know but as of yesterday you knew orange, green, blue and pink.

Now that Carter is on the move you are having a tough lesson of sharing. Unfortunately when he has a toy you often go over and snatch it out of his hands. I know that its hard because they were all your toys first but we are learning that in order to love our brother you must share. You are such a good big brother in every other way, always going over to give him his pacifier when he is crying and say, "Its okay, Carter." You also love to feed him and enjoy that he know can share most of your same foods. Yall had a sweet moment just last night before bed where you were sitting in the floor rolling the ball back and forth. I cant wait until you can play together more! The funny thing you said today as you were being my helper and throwing his diaper away was, "Man, this smells TERRIBLE!" Yes, it sure did boy... your brother is rotten!

You are definitely a people person and very friendly to most. There are times when you dont want to be touched though, which I cant blame you there! You are very popular at church and so therefore are always getting lots of attention and sometimes its just too much. You enjoy going to "Sunday School" as you call it (no matter what day we are going to church).

You have  new love of cartoons. We just recently got cable and now you have discovered the Disney channel, and more importantly Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. The "hotdog" dance gets you excited every time you see if and you know all the words to the song. You also love to sing the Veggie Tales songs in the car and it is just precious to hear you say, "He's got the whole world in his hands, Love your neighbor, this little light of mine, etc."

You still have your girlfriend Ashley and love to give her hugs and kisses. Tonight at church Aunt Stacey said she was jealous and thought she was your girlfriend and you said, "No, maybe next time!" Oh my son... already smooth with the ladies :)

You are such a joy to your Daddy and I and bring so many the same joy! We are SOOO thankful for you :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dancing with the Stars

While watching Dancing with the Stars last night, you decided you should try too! Just like Mommy, you are all upper body and no bootie ha!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Finishing out September

 We have gladly welcomed Fall and the nice weather by spending lots of our time outside. We found a perfect place to kick the soccer ball.
 Daddy and Mommy are playing on the church league softball team so we have been spending lots of time at the ballfield which you LOVE!
 On the 23rd, it was Daddy and I's 5th anniversary so we spent the day together as a family. You were my dinner date :)
 College football is in full swing and therefore you boys are spending Saturdays watching the games.... and Daddy plays you Rocky Top on the computer at your request.
 Hide and seek is your new favorite game and it is quite humorous to watch you. You think as long as you cant see us, we cant see you :)
 We have been making weekly trips to the library for story time and you LOVE all the books!
You are such a sweet, loving, always on the go and wanting to learn something new boy right now and I LOVE this stage!!!