Sunday, July 31, 2011


Today at church you decided that you had your first girlfriend. Ashley, or Ash and you sometimes call her, has been one of you favorite people for awhile now. My heart skipped a beat thought I will admit hearing you say that you had a "girlfriend" for the first time. I had to take this video because I told your Daddy that one day when you are 30 and bringing over your first real girlfriend, haha okay maybe 16, I will still remember this sweet voice and hear you saying just this way. "But Mommy, she is my girrrrfrieeeend!"

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rough Week!

You have had a bit of a rough week this week buddy. First of all you had your first nightmare on Monday night. Your Daddy put you down and an hour later we heard you screaming crying. He went in to check on you and you pointed to the ceiling and said the monkeys were trying to get you!! He calmed you down, told you he took care of them, prayed with you and then put Buzz Lightyear up on your dresser so he could protect you. You were fine the rest of the night but asked where they went again the next morning. I felt so bad.. but you handled it well!

The next morning you and Daddy were playing in our bedroom before he went to work. You accidentally fell and hit your eye on our bedframe.... giving yourself your FIRST pump knot on your head which turned into a small black eye. Look how cute you are with your battle wound :)

Tuesday night we went over to Tony and Debra's to swim in their pool with the Brantley's. You evidently got in too quick after dinner because you had your first time throwing up in their pool! Daddy said you did it 3 times and were a champ... just threw up and then went on with swimming. Yall had fun after it was over at least!

On a brighter are doing EXCELLENT at potty training! You have now decided that you want to pee standing up like a big boy. We got you a stool so you could reach it and believe it or not you have gone by yourself a few times without my help!

There will be more weeks like this in your life son and I hope you keep trust Jesus and keep on going :)

Friday, July 29, 2011

Daddy and Griffin day

You and Daddy have "Daddy and Griffin day" once a month to give you two some concentrated time together. This one started with a bike ride before it got too hot. You honked your horn the whole way :)

Then after playing some wii football, choo choos and reading some books yall let Carter and I join you for Kids fest at the mall. You loved the big slide!

And jumped in the jump house with the big boys for the first time :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Monday, July 18, 2011

Potty Time!

Mommy was feeling extra lucky last week on 7.11.11 and decided to try potty training.
Again! I am convinced now that the first time I tried you were just way too young and boy what a difference 4 months has made! Our method this time was a mixture of several I had heard and it is now safe to say a week later you are POTTY TRAINED!

All smiles and excited to be a big boy and peepee on the potty!

We went and threw out our diapers on Monday morning and were straight to the big boy undies. You were thrilled because I had you Cars underwear! I will say that day 1 was very trying for Mommy because you had 6 accidents and it seemed like all I did was clean up pee that day. You were very sad every time you did it, and wanted to help me clean it up. I was taking you every 20 minutes to try and you just couldnt make yourself go. It seemed like every time we tried you would go 10 minutes later in the floor. I was praying that it would just click and sure enough when Daddy got home that night at 8:30 he took you and you PEED! So we ended day 1 with SUCCESS!
Very happy Tuesday morning because you made it all night without an accident and Carter slept through the night!!
Day 2 brought about a lot of pee pee dancing! Not only did you keep your bed dry ALL night, you got up and went straight to the bathroom and peed. Then right after breakfast you had your first #2!! In fact you had 3 #2's that day and told me every time you needed to go! We had lots of candy (jellybeans) and celebrated even more with popsicles for the poo's!

Celebrating your first poo with a popsicle :)
Day 3 We shared with Jackson, who is also potty training. Still no accidents for you and we were thrilled!

Day 4 you Stayed with uncle Phil while Mommy went to the consignment sale. Mommy got you mater to ride as a prize for being such a BIG BOY!
You LOVE Mater!!

Day 5 still no accidents and we even took you out in "public" for the first time to the park. You tried when we first got there with no success but on our way out you peed in the "big potty" as you called it! First success in public and out of your comfort zone.. YAY!

Day 6 we spent a lot of time outside cleaning the cars and working in the yard and sadly Mommy and Daddy took for granted that you knew how to tell us when you had to go and forgot to keep asking you. Well Daddy sprayed you with a water hose and you had yourself an accident. You had one other while playing with your cars outside, and again I blame that on myself because I was sidetracked.

Day 7 was Sunday and we spent all day at church. You did your first standing up to pee in the nursery and you did great! We had a REALLY long day that day, not getting home until 10pm and you did great all day until we made it to dinner and you had an accident in the middle of Chilis. Oh well.. still counting focusing on the positives!!

showing off your Mater undies

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Camping at White Lake

This was our "home" for the last 5 days and your first experience camping! We were invited to White Lake for the 4th of July and had a blast with our adopted family. I was a little sceptical at first that we would survive with you and your brother sleeping wise but yall did GREAT! In fact you set records for sleeping in.... 9:45, 9:15 and never before 8:30!!

It was beautiful weather the entire time and we enjoyed swimming in the lake during the late mornings/early afternoons.

You made great pals with Allie and she loved playing Mommy to you.

You also had great playmates in Ash and her friend KK, or as you called her most of the time "I really dont know" ha.

Most nights after dinner we played cornhole and you were a good spectator.

You did terrific taking naps with Woody each day too.

Isaac was your other buddy and you two enjoyed playing in the sand.

You were SO brave playing in the water. Elmo was a great help at keeping you afloat. The water was very shallow so you could walk around on your own. You were a bit too brave for Mommy at times though wanting to do everything by yourself and even trying to go under. Daddy or I stuck right beside you and we had fun watching you explore.

You wanted to play with the big kids and ride a tricycle too. Although your feet couldnt reach the pedals you scooted yourself with your feet and had fun doing it!!

This was your new ride around the campground. You LOVED biking with Daddy :)

Monday night we went to the fireworks with everyone for the 4th celebrations

You were so sweet to help feed your brother

All the crazy kiddos!

You have become such a big boy since we brought you here last year!

We are so thankful for Mark, Julie, Ashley and Heather inviting us!

Tuesday morning we had a softball game with everyone- our first annual and one we will definitely repeat!

You and your other new friend Gabe were so excited to swing after the game! And let me just say you were hte dirtiest you have EVER been! You had practically been rolling in the dirt/sand ha.

When we got home Tuesday night I asked you what your favorite part about the lake was and you said, "playing in the dirt!"

Friday, July 1, 2011


This year for VBS we traveled to "The Big Apple...New York City"! It was a lot of fun and the taxi was your favorite part.

You were old enough to be in a class this year and were so excited that your best buddy Phillip was in there too.

Dancing to "The VBS rap" was your alls most favorite activity :)

The last night we had a cookout with all the families and you enjoyed getting a balloon....

AND a snowcone!

It was so fun to hear you on the way home every night singing, "Vbs, Vbs, Vbs!" You looked forward to it each day and when we got to the church you would ask to go to your class. The only part that you DIDNT like was the puppets on the last night...boy were you scared ha! You clung to me like never before!!!