Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Silly, crazy, sweet, popsicle loving boy!

I just cant get over this picture. Story goes, you decided while were in Daddy's office that you wanted Carter and yourself to wear the cowboy hats and then asked for me to take your picture. I have no doubt this picture will show up again one day when you are older :)

This is your other new thing... crazy expressions with your eyebrows. All of a sudden you have become over expressive with your face, specifically with your eyes and eyebrows. I just happened to catch this look while you were "picking my toe jam!"

You also still love being in front of the camera. I was taking Carter's monthly picture with Sojo and you went and got yours and told me it was your turn. Cheese machine!

Silly boy who loves to re-try out all the baby things we have out again for Carter

Popsicle fanatic!

You ask for one CONSTANTLY. After breakfast, when you just wake up, anytime we ask you what you want to eat ha! We can thank Mimi and Potts for this :)

I happened to walk in on this sweet big brother moment. While I was putting away laundry I heard you say, "Carter, this is Noah. He put the animals on the boat 2 by 2!" I love that you want to teach your little brother... so precious!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pool time with Cici and Pip

We got to hang out with Cici and Pipper a few days while we were in town too and they just LOVED having you boys!

We had a pool day at their neighborhood pool that was SO fun! You and Cici enjoyed lounging in the floats.

Cici and her boys

You, Daddy and Pip played baseball

and squirted Aunt Rach with the water gun

shooting some hoops!

remembering your baby days at the pool when you rode in Mr. Crab :)

That evening we had dinner with everyone and Aunt Rach is STILL your fav!

Uncle Tyty was so excited that you are now a popsicle boy too!

And Mimi, Potts and Cici couldnt stop laughing at your silly self! A few things you said were, "I love pizza SO much, Amen!" and "Oh yea BABY!"

Granny, Tristan and Olivia

We had a fun day with your Granny, Tristan, Olivia and Aunt Leann at the park. It was so fun to see all of you together!

splashing in the lake

ring around the rosies

"Look Mom, I found a rock!"

They had a fun splash pad that you werent so sure about at first but finally warmed up to. Here you are with Tristan and Daddy trying to decide which way you wanted to go.

and off yall went!

jumping over the water

very fun time at the park... time to go to McDonalds!

Granny treated you all to icecream cones

We also went to dinner at Red Bones. Here you are making funny faces together.

looking at the boats with Tristan

Granny and her grandkids

Lake fun with Diddy and Susu

We took our vacation to TN this summer for some fun on the lake!

Daddy teaching you how to fish

With Diddy's help you caught your first fish!!!

Daddy taught you to hold the fish and throw it back in the lake

And Susu taught you that you gotta hold your mouth just right to catch one :)

swimming with diddy

driving the jet ski

driving the boat with Diddy

hot tub

roasting marshmellows