Thursday, May 26, 2011

Boobie pads

I was debating on whether to post this or not but I cant help to because its so funny! So ever since I have been nursing your little brother you have been obsessed.... I dont even need to explain except to say one day when I was doing laundry I looked over and you had picked up my bra which you call "boobie pads." :) :) :)

Oh you silly little boy!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Stud muffin

look how cute you looked at your Uncle Jake and Aunt Stacey's wedding today!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Life at 2

Life at 2 years old for you is quite the adventure. You have more energy than we know what to do with, talk and talk and talk ALL the time and yet still are the sweetest little boy. The defiance is becoming more of an issue as you have learned to test your boundaries. And oh that temper, which I blame on Daddy, when it shows up its not good! Would you believe that you had to be disciplined FOUR times during just the one hour of Sunday school this past week?!? Mrs. Debra wasnt sure who the new kid with the attitude was but I assured her we had hit 2 head on! You truly are a joy though and make us laugh all the time... and we will get the best of that temper soon too :)

Love this picture of you at the beach holding up your 2 fingers to tell us how old you are. You cant quite hold them up without using the other hand.... but I think its too cute!

You are wearing 24 months and 2T these days, 5 in shoes and weigh 26.9 lbs. We had your 2 year checkup on Friday and the doctor said you looked great! She was a sweet lady and was trying to play with you but sadly when she pushed a button on her cow and it moooed... you started screaming crying and didnt quite during the entire exam. I was so proud of you in the beginning because your Daddy and I explained that they were going to check you out and that you didnt need to be afraid but that mooooo was all it took haha.... and once you get going you sure dont stop!

You are still a big cheese! Often asking me to take pictures of you and when I pull the camera out you get the best fake smile out for me!!

Daddy's little shadow could be your nickname these days. Everything he is doing, you want to do. You two were fixing the fence here and he said you were a very good helper, handing him the nails when he needed them.

Caught! Haha yes there caught with a purse in your hand. And you may or may not also play with the baby dolls and stroller in your class at church. I mean I see nothing wrong with it but your Daddy doesnt like to see it :) Of course you are carrying a ball at the same time!

You are becoming more and more into puzzles these days. In the past you would get frustrated at them if you couldnt fit the pieces in but now you are very good at figuring them out.

We got you these stars for your birthday because Daddy had found one and put it up in your room and you LOVED it! You sing "twinkle twinkle little star" to it every night when you go to bed. Daddy has also taught you that God made the stars and the planets so we can hear you saying to your sock monkey, "Sojo, God made the stars... God made everything!"

We have a game we play where you either give Mommy kisses or Daddy kisses. You will say, "No they are Mommy/Daddy's kisses..." and then only give them to Mommy/Daddy, whichever one you have chosen for that moment. It is precious :)

I think you are a rockstar in the making. You got TWO guitars for your birthday and when you pick them up to play, every single time you sing "Jesus loves me." Another recent song that you sing ALL the time is, "Everythings gonna be alright, got Jesus in my life!" And did I mention you YELL it?!? Well it has been fitting recently for sure as your Mommy has sure needed to hear that reminder :)

A few other favorite of your sayings right now are:

-ah oh spaghetti- oooooooos!

-wow nelly!

-I need ____ RIGHT NOW!

-Biffin do it (thats what you call yourself)

-I want to go outside please Mommy!

You continue to love sports and we are playing them constantly. Daddy recently found some pretend bases so we put them down in the living room and you "pitch it, hit it, and run!" And if we arent doing it inside, you are asking to go and run the bases outside at the ball fields behind our house. Just last night I took you down there and one of the moms asked me, "Do you know someone on the team?" I smiled and replied, "No, we live closeby and my little boy just LOVES to watch them play, so I bring him down here." She later laughed as she heard you say, "first base, second base, home plate and good job boys!"

I cherish these times with you little boy. I just told your Daddy the other day I wish I could freeze time. I love your innocence, your love that you show, and how everything is so fun and new to you.... this has to be one of my favorite stages. Well except the constant WHINING!!! Ha but I know that just goes along with the stage of being 2 so I forgive you :)

I love you little boy,

Your Mommy