Friday, April 29, 2011

Your Allstar 2nd birthday party

We invited some of your best buddies as well as church family and our TN family to come and have a ball with you at your Allstar birthday party! Being the ball lover that you are, this was the perfect theme! We had ball decor, ball cupcakes, ball Easter eggs AND all kinds of ball games for you to play!

You were so excited about your party and the week leading up to it you would wake up every morning and ask if it was time for your birthday party...then say, "no its later." ha

Your Daddy and I loved celebrating with you this year because you did have a genuine excitement and now understand what a party is. It was fun to see you run around with your friends too! Memories we will cherish for years to come!

Here is a video of all the pics-

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday!!!

We are celebrating 2 wonderful years with you today, sweet boy! Oh how time has flown by... AND what a fun year this has been! We have seen you become a little boy and develop quite the personality. I love seeing what makes you smile, watching you learn all sorts of things and how your heart is so full of love! You are truly a blessing to us and we cant thank God enough for being able to be your Mommy and Daddy!

Watch this video of the highlights of your last year.... some of my favorite photos and videos.

We love you little boy!!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Checking off our list!

Last night we were grocery shopping and you asked to see the list and pen. Out of nowhere you said, "Mommy, we need milk! Its on our list." You continued to say, "We need salsa, cereal, pizza.." which were all actual things we had to get and then would say, "Lets check it off our list!" and then pretended to mark it off with the pen. To say you are a sponge, taking everything in, is a TOTAL understatement :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

2 weeks before turning 2!!

Im overdue on your blog sweet boy and I do apologize. Right now I am posting once a day for Carter's first year (just like I did for you) and so unless you do something big or extra cute I just havent thought about it.. SORRY! Anyways you are always cute and you can see from this moment I caught above. You thought you were too big, and too cool propping your feet up and reading your favorite book. Reading is still on your top 3 things to do and we read SEVERAL books a day. There are times where you will ask if you can read it to me "Griffin read it," and then look over and ask me if I am listening :)
The weather is getting better these days so we are spending more time outside and you LOVE it! "Go walk?" you will ask, or if you see the neighborhood kids out you want to play with them too.
You are a great big brother and I love love love this picture I got of the 2 of you watching the NCAA basketball tournament. You were so sweet, asking if Carter could sit with you and then trying to tell him what the players were doing. "Dribble, shoot, oh no fall down!"

You think it is so funny when Carter moves his hands and touches you... you think it tickles :)

We recently went to TN and were spoiled by being near the lake all the time. You were right in your element getting to throw sticks and watch for boats. This was the trip that proved how much you loved being in TN bc for 3 weeks now you have asked if you could go back. Im always so sad to have to tell you, "No buddy, not today!" :(
Life with 2 precious boys is wonderful! You two are such a blessing to your Daddy and I!!!

A few other things to note about Griffin 2 weeks before he turns 2:

-you said your first prayer last night. every time we sit down to eat you say, "Daddy pray or Mommy pray." Well this time you said, "Griffin pray." and so we let you and it was precious... "Lord, thank you food, Amen!"

-you ask "whats that?"about 1000 times a day and when you arent asking that you say, "Where did _____ go?" very inquisitive little boy you are :)

-you are testing your limits these days wanting to see just how far you can go. You do not like getting "pow pows" as we call them but unfortunately do get them.