Saturday, February 26, 2011

22 months!

This has been a big month for you as we have all learned to adjust to our new family of 4! Overall you do love being a big brother and are very protective of Carter. There are times when you are impatient if I am tending to him and get upset but for the most part you are always concerned what he is doing and hug and kiss on him :)

You love birthdays these days.... not to mention waffles. You and Daddy made this for me to celebrate!

Me and you on my 28th birthday

Uncle Phil is your very favorite playmate! You get sooooo excited when we tell you he is coming over and he blesses Mommy often by coming to play so I can get some things done. I love seeing you two together but have learned that Uncle Phil likes to teach you crazy things such as saying, "Ribbit ribbit" when you poot or "Far out dude!" Gotta love it :)

Jonathan is also a best "buddy." It is too precious when yall are together because you actually call him "buddy!"

Isaac is another special friend. He also had a birthday and you loved going to his party!

You and Daddy picked him out a spiderman boxing toy and had to try it out yourselves. ALL BOY!

You are facinated with trains these days and we recently went to the mall and you were able to ride the train around inside.... You were so thrilled!!

Now that you have said your ABCs, we are concentrating on your 123s. I found this puzzle and you love to put it together. You have the ABCs on the brain so much though that you currently still even call your numbers "ABCs"!

Your speech development is outstanding! You can say anything and everything you want and hardly ever stop talking. The sweetest thing is to hear you sing.... and of course I loved it that you sang to me all day on my birthday :)
Your favorites are "Twinkle little star," "Jesus loves me," "ABCs" and "Happy birthday."

Thursday, February 17, 2011

ABCs and Jesus loves me by yourself!!!



Your Daddy and I are over joyed... all those times we have sang to you since you have been born must have paid off.... so so so proud :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Such a sweet big brother

You had such a great time with your Susu and VDiddy while Mommy and Daddy were in the hospital this week. You all played ball of all kinds, you learned to bat left handed, and they took you to chuck E cheese! We are so blessed for all their help with you!!

I was so thankful for how excited you were when we brought your brother home. You said "Hi Carter!" and then immediately wanted to check him out.

Then you asked to hold him and just smiled the whole time :)

You are asking to hold him just about every day and my favorite thing so far is when he is crying you say, "Its okay, Carter!"

You and Daddy often just sit and watch him. You think he is pretty funny with all the noises he makes!

I can definitely say, having your brother has made us realize just how BIG you are! Your vocabulary, awareness to whats going on and just overall developmental growth amazes me..not to mention how darn cute you are :)

You have had several outings with Daddy since we brought Carter home. It has done you both good to just get out of the house! He said he looked back in the car and noticed you had turned your hat sideways... you silly boy!

And another favorite this week is when we had photos taken of Carter, you being the camera shark had to get in front of it and pose too. This is one that Mr. Tony caputured and then put with this background. Our little football star :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

You are a BIG Brother!

Today we welcomed your brother into our family! Ever since we found out we were pregnant, I knew I wanted you to have a little brother so that you guys would hopefully be the best of friends! It was a big day for our family and I think you truly understood what was going on!

Diddy and Susu brought you to the hospital a few hours after he was born for you to meet him. You came over to see him and werent quite sure what to think at first. We had been telling you about Carter and how he was coming but I am sure it was just hard to put 2 and 2 together that he was in mommy's belly and now was out with us! It was the saddest thing because when Carter started crying you puckered up your lip, said, "Its okay Carter," and then proceeded to cry yourself. You are so tender hearted that you just hated seeing him cry. It broke all of our hearts!!!

Here we are officially as a family of four! I cant wait to watch you and your brother grow up together. Your Daddy and I are TRULY blessed with you two boys!