Friday, January 28, 2011

Daddy/Griffin time

Your Daddy and I believe it is very important for each of us to get to spend individual time with both you and Carter. So... we have started planning Daddy/Griffin time at least once a month. Today was your first time doing it and you went and got breakfast at one of Daddy's favorite spots: Borders.
Then you headed to Daddy's old work to see his friends there. You LOVE seeing your Papaw and always have a blast!
I'm so thankful for what a great daddy you have. He loves you SO much!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


This is how I found you sleeping during your nap. I had just put you down about 2 minutes early and came back in your room to get something and you were OUT. You thoroughly enjoy sleep like your Momma :)
I wanted to point out a few things so you would remember when you are older what you liked. First of all, you are still a paci sleeper. We hope to get rid of this by 2, however for now its one of the highlights of your day when you can go to your bed and find it. Also, you always want to have your blanket (which you typically hold the tag of), your puppy (somehow made it to the top of your head this time) and Sojo with you.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

21 months

Hey there my sweet boy! Cant believe you are 21 months old today! You are Mr. Personality and keeping us on our toes these days. We continue to be amazed at the things you are picking up on now, you are literally a sponge! You repeat ANYTHING we say and have quite the vocabulary already. Many people have commented to us about what a good talker you are and I just say that you have a lot to say (and come by it honest from both your Daddy and I ha!) I love having conversations with you and contribute your talkativeness to the fact that we have always just had an ongoing conversation with you. Even when you weren't saying anything at all, we were talking to you, asking you questions, etc. Now at times we cant get you to STOP talking!!!

You are going to be a BIG BROTHER this month! We have been slowly getting all of your old baby things out for Carter and you always want to try them out. You are very sweet though and already say "Thats Carter's." I am eager to see how you respond once he comes. You really love newborn babies, as we have visited several these past few weeks and all you want to do is hug and kiss on them. I am however concerned that you will be a little jealous of having to share mommy and daddy's attention with someone else. You are feeding yourself, sleeping in a big bed, telling us when you want things and even showing interest in the potty... ALL things a BIG BOY does :)

We recently took a trip back to Chuck E Cheese. It reminded me of the first time we took you on your birthday. You have definitely grown a TON since then!

You enjoyed driving with Daddy

and another one of your absolute favorite things to do, "Shoot it!"
A few other things to note about you at 21 months:
-recently while in Target Mommy was buying some wrapping paper and before I knew it you had picked it up out of the cart and were swinging it full out! Well sadly Mommy was the target and because you have such a strong swing, it hit me right in the side of the face! I was in TOTAL shock and with the lady who was also in the aisle could only laugh in amazement. My little slugger :)
-we have put pictures up in your room now and your very favorite is "Daddy's football jersey," which you point at each time you go to bed and wake up. so sweet- he is your hero for sure and I love it!
-you are still sleeping pretty well. recently you have been waking up more in the middle of the night but for the most part you sleep from 8pm-7:30am and LOVE your naps!
-your eating habits change daily. one day you will eat anything we place in front of you and the other you wont eat anything AT ALL! its frustrating but I figure you wont let yourself starve. Your favorite thing to eat is Raisin bran... too funny! Another thing where you just want to be just like Daddy :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ready for the Sunshine!

We got lucky and had one day where it was nice out so we enjoyed a few hours going for a walk and then playing basketball and riding your tricycle. It made me VERY eager for the Spring!! Cant wait until we can play more outside since you are at a great "playing" age :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Your favorite girl

We had a playdate with Ella Claire today and I peeked around the corner to find you two on the couch and you had your arm around her. She is your favorite girl :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

First time using the potty!

Tonight you decided you wanted to go and use the big boy potty.. AND YOU DID! We literally didnt think you would do it but after you ran into the bathroom and tried taking your pants off, Daddy helped you and then you sat down and peed and pooped! We were so thrilled!
1.11.11- monumental moment for you son :)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Daddy's mini me

Daddy was going to the store today and you wanted to go with yall went to your room to get you dressed and before I knew it yall both walked out looking like this. You were so proud because you thought you were just like Daddy with a hat on... his hat nonetheless :)

3rd haircut

I forgot I had these pictures of Cici giving you another haircut over the holidays but we were so impressed with how well you did! You sat there very still, unlike the first 2 times :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sports fanatic

Every morning when you wake up, we immediately go and eat "creal" aka Raisin bran, your favorite (which by the way you are very good at feeding it to yourself, milk and all!). Then after breakfast we have some sports training, all initiated by you of course. You want to do some batting practice, shoot a few hoops and then throw the football. And no I am not kidding, EVERY morning this is the things you ask to do ha! I truly love that you are a sports fanatic because I truly enjoy doing it with you. Most of the rest of the morning we are reading some books, playing with your trains and tractors, and throwing more balls in between. ALL BOY!

I just put you down for your nap because you asked to do so. You enjoy sleeping and I am so grateful! I have been SO thankful that you are doing so well in your big boy bed. We put you down at 8pm and you slept until 7:30 this morning, and would have probably slept longer had the neighbor not decided to break out the chainsaw and cut down a tree by your window. Your Daddy and I talked about how blessed we are last night with such a good boy! It is by no means anything we have done, I know that :)

Love you my sweet boy!