Friday, December 31, 2010

Big Boy Room!

On Christmas, Daddy and I set up your big boy room for you. We havent completed it all yet, but your bed is ready! You just love all the balls everywhere :)

To bring in the New Year, we decided it was time for you to sleep in your big boy bed. We took you in there and told you what you were going to do and without a fuss you just laid down....

and closed your eyes. As I type this you have been asleep now for 2 hours and not a peep. You are such a good boy... we are so blessed by you son!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Music City Bowl

The Big Orange played UNC tonight in the Music City bowl and even though it was a heartbreaking last second loss for us... this shirt still sums it up for you. Once a Vol fan, ALWAYS a VOL fan :)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Oh wow! Christmas!

This Christmas was special in so many ways. You didnt understand anything last year so to hear you say "Oh WOW!" every time you opened a present was so sweet! We also had our first Christmas in our own home here in NC. This was the set-up that your Daddy did with all your presents... he wanted you to be excited when you got up :)

And excited you were!!!

Daddy helped you open all the gifts while I took pictures. You got a Buzz Lightyear, Little People Nativity set and big boy baseball potty from us, along with some tractors and animals from your stocking. You were very spoiled by others as well, receiving 3 tractors, train table, pass punt and kick football set, baseball tee, leapfrog tag book system, puzzles, books, clothes, who knows what I am forgetting AND.....

the basketball goal!!! It was most definitely your favorite.. so much so that you had to stop and shoot the ball between each present you opened. We spent the majority of the day playing basketball :)

One THRILLED little boy :)

with Mommy, Daddy and Carter

Uncle Phil spent most of the day with us too. You can see what most of his time was doing too :)

Being in our own home allowed us to have less time running around everywhere and more time starting traditions and concentrating on the true reason for Christmas. You and I made Jesus a birthday cake. You were thrilled to have "cake" and hearing your little voice say, "Happy... Jesus!" was just precious.

While you took your nap, your Daddy and I worked hard to get your new big boy room sat up. We had been waiting until we got back from TN to do it and it took awhile to get things moved out and then everything put away... but you LOVED it so it was worth it!

Your train table is your favorite part of the room. I have never seen you play by yourself with one toy for so long! Now everytime you get up you ask to see the choo choo AND you always go and tell the choo choo good night too.
I just loved seeing the joy of Christmas through your eyes this year and cant wait for many more memories celebrating Jesus' birthday with you. I love you my sweet boy :)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

With Glee Christmas
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Friday, December 17, 2010

3 point stance

Daddy has been giving you 3 point stance 101 lessons lately. You are getting much better since you actually have your feet and hands on the ground now!

Down set.....

Go, go go!!!!

You now want Daddy to play "tackle" ALL the time :)

The Todd kiddos came over and joined in on the fun too. Love their faces ha!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Life as a 19 month old

Little boy, you are too much fun these days. We laugh all the time and I am so thankful you are such a good boy. We are told all the time by others that you are very well behaved and a delight to be around. We are so thankful for these sweet times when you are young, knowing it wont be like this for long :(

These days we have been having so much fun. As I type this, you and your Daddy are sitting in the floor playing with your new train. We got it for you to go around the Christmas tree and you are in love with blowing the horn and watching the smoke come out. You have learned how to control it on your own and when you turn it on you say, "Go, go go!"

Yesterday you said some pretty funny things that I wanted to make sure I wrote down. First, when we were eating lunch you said, "Shoo Mommy, I dont like it!" You were eating a peanut butter sandwich and you do really like them but do not like the crust ha. Also when we were in Target, I had to check out the maternity tank top section which was over in the bra section. Well all of a sudden you looked up at me, smiled and said, "Boobies, Mommy," then laughed. It cracked me up that you associated the bras correctly and then it was like you were embarrassed to be around them ha. Another favorite is that when we tell you we love you, you now say, "Love you too!" We never taught you to say too... you are just that smart :)

We are doing everything we can to get you to be ready to be a big brother. Aunt Jen brought over Grayson yesterday, who is 2 1/2 months old, and you were so sweet to him. You asked if you could hug and then kiss him.... and although the hug was more like a headlock, it was still sweet. You were very concerned when he started crying while he was getting his diaper changed and kept saying, "Cry baby, cry baby." (not calling him a cry baby but saying that the baby was crying ha!) You have also visited with Ella Claire's little brother who was only 2 weeks old and he is the one who taught you to fake cry. After hearing him cry while we were there, once we left and were in the car I heard you doing a fake cry where you scrunched up your face and mauked the baby's cry. Anytime you see my belly, you point and say Carter, but I am quite certain that you have no idea what is about to hit ya when he is here with us :)

You have learned who Santa is now and every time you see him you say, "Ho, ho, ho!" I am trying to teach you to say Merry Christmas but I think its too much of a mouthful for now.

Daddy has just taught you this. When he asks, "What did Jesus say?" You say, "love God, love people." Sometimes you forget the love part and just say God and people... but you are getting there. You also can answer "Who is the Bible about?"... Jesus. And "what did God make?"... everything! It is the cutest little southern drawn evry-thang I have ever heard :)

Well thats all I can think of for now and you are pleading for me to play "tackle" with you so I must go. Love you my little boy!!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Yearly Ornaments

Every year as a tradition you will receive a new ornament to commemorate the year. We will let you pick them out once you are older but for now we are just picking something that was extra special to you for that year. Your 2010 ornament is a football with a UT helmet man on top. Its JUST the thing to describe what you were in to for this year... both FOOTBALL and UT :)

This is your first Christmas ornament for 2009. Sock monkeys are very special to you. Not only do you have about 5, plus several other sock monkey accessories, but we also took a monthly picture with Sojo your first 12 months. We didnt find this ornament until this year, but I am SO glad we did.. because it is perfect for your first year!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Good buddies

You were ALL smiles today! It was your first time making it to the top of a playgym at Chickfila! We had a shopping day with the Todds and you were thrilled that you were big enough to play with the big kids. When you made it to the bottom you said, "Fast, Mommy!"

This is the way the 3 of you came down! Lily was so protective of you.... she is such a good big sister!

you also enjoyed driving the chickfila car

You would have NEVER made it without these two.. they were so sweet to help you!

We had dinner with good buddy Jonathan David and his parents tonight. You boys have grown up right before our eyes and I love watching the two of you together. He was sharing his pepperoni's with you.. it was precious :)
I love seeing you with your friends!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Daddy time!

Mommy had a girls' weekend and you stayed home with Daddy. You rode the bus back to Durham with the primetimers from Myrtle Beach... and they spoiled you rotten!!!

stopped for shopping along the way

shopping with Daddy!

It snowed and yall watched the SEC championship together. You are a Daddy's boy for sure so I have no doubts yall had a blast :)