Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Your new CAR!

We were presented with the opportunity to use some money from a gift card to Toysrus this weekend after taking back one of your birthday presents. We had no idea they would take the return and were REALLY shocked when we received SO much back for it. Anyways.. after doing a happy dance around the parking lot we decided it was the perfect opportunity to splurge and get you your first powerwheels car! We decided on this police car so that you and Carter could drive around together.
Daddy worked very hard to put it all together and sadly were just slighty terrified when Daddy put you in it to drive for the first time... mainly bc of the loud sirens... and of course its all so new.

But when your friends came over you were happy to share and show it off ha!

I would say there will be many memories made in the future in your new car :)

18 months old!

You are 18 months old little boy! Your usual picture with Sojo, except this time I told you that we needed to take a picture with him and you went and got him yourself, climbed up in the chair and then cheesed! Such a big boy you are....

Especially when just a year ago you looked like this!

You enjoy life to the fullest... never worried about getting dirty when it comes to your sweets.

True boy who loves tractors!

LOVE to read and your favorite book is the Bible

"Ball Boy"

learning how to ride your new car

master of the cheese :)

enjoy Sunday school and especially the painting!

happy boy

limeades from Sonic.. and not afraid of the lime!

becoming Mr. Independent who wants to feed himself

already a fan of the vols!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mimi and Potts came to visit

Mimi and Potts came to visit you for the weekend and you were so excited to have them at your home! You woke up every morning saying, "Mimi... Potts?" asking where they were. You wanted Mimi to hold you all the time and got stuck on the fact that Potts had an "ouch" on his arm so every time you saw him you said, "OUCH!" They loved spoiling you, bringing you new clothes, taking you to get your new bedding for your big boy room AND got you your first pair of big boy tennis shoes! You LOVE your Mimi and Potts :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

VDiddy and Susu's visit!

You were so excited to have your "Diddy" and "Susu" come and visit you this weekend! They got in late Friday night and you had to show them all your tricks before heading to bed. Saturday was a beautiful day and we enjoyed most of the day outside. You wanted to show off Big Red...

and we took them to the park so you could show them how you like to slide

by yourself too I might add!

We took a trip to Hill Ridge Farms so that they could see one of our favorite places.

You and "Diddy" playing in the fort

Look how big you are this year!

Showing off your dance moves

hayride on the tractor was your favorite part!

You spotted the pumpkins

"Punkins" are so cool!

You were little Mr. Cheese once you found your favorite one :)

We came home after a great dinner at Red, Hot and Blue and played some more. You were "getting" Diddy.

And you played a game with Susu where you would try and give her hugs away to the big bear and then she would come and get your belly- you loved it!

Then you decided to just give her hugs without her asking :)
You sure love your VDiddy and Susu!!