Sunday, September 26, 2010

17 months old!

My sweet little boy, you are 17 months old today! Time is flying and it is getting crazy to believe that in just 4 months your little brother will be here with us too! You are so much fun these days. Babbling a mile a minute. Saying a new word just about every day. Some of your recent have been: fruit loops, papaw, Cici, Susu, Mimi, Potts, bowl, more, poopy... and still say BALL about every other word! You have started eating a lot better as well, and not quite as picky anymore. Some new things you have tried are: dumplings, spaghetti, macaroni, salad, chips and salsa, chicken nuggets, but you still LOVE bananas the best! We have been enjoying lots of walks outside lately. The weather has been great and Mommy has needed the exercise. We often walk over to the park behind our house so you can slide down the slide, watch boys hit baseballs or throw rocks in the pond. You have gotten really good at swinging the golf club and still try to turn everything you see into either a bat or a club. You love to wave at everyone you see when we pass them along our walks and often have to stop and pick up a rock just to carry with you. You are a big helper cleaning up and know just where everything goes. We have a ball bucket, block bin, car bucket and then just one for all other toys. You still love reading books and your favorites currently are your "bible" and "the night night prayer." We often ask you where your brother is and most of the time you point to Mommy's belly. We have practiced saying brother and Carter... you are getting there! You have recently started telling us when you want to go to bed, pointing to your room and saying night night, even when it may not be 8:00pm yet. One thing is for sure.. you love sleeping like your Mommy :)

We love watching you grow and every day we try to soak it in, it seems that you are just that much bigger the next day. You are our true joy and we are so thankful for you! Love you little buddy

Friday, September 17, 2010

Modeling for Mimi

Mimi and Potts sent you and Carter some money to go shopping at the consignment sale. Here you are modeling everything we found. First of all your favorite footed pjs with BALLS!

baseball sweatshirt

bear jacket

not so sure about your new sweater

orange and white for the vols

vols means football... you had to go and show me the football :)

brown vest

corduroy jacket

and your fav- boots!

look at your chunky legs ha!

It was a very successful trip :) Thanks Mimi and Potts!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Baby Brother Carter!

Today we found out that you are going to have a little BROTHER! We are so excited to welcome Carter into our family and I am eager to be able to watch two little boys grow up together. Although you have no idea what is going on really.. I think once you do you will be excited too :)

We have practiced saying "brother" and "Carter"... you are getting there :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

We took you to see the animals at Hill Ridge and enjoy the beautiful weather outside. You had been once before but were only 6 months old and werent big enough to do anything really ha.
Look at you little cheeser!

Feeding the goats corn

playing in the corn pit- we buried Daddy under it all!!

You found a tractor! You can spot them from a mile away these days :)

Daddy taught you how to make waffles and you loved being able to stir

there is always book reading time at our house. we are so happy that you love to read!

Mr. Sweets! Look at that smile after helping Daddy clean the brownie mix bowl :)

This is the hiding place you found all by yourself. Mommy randomly found you sitting under this table and you sat really quiet and then said, "BOO!"
you are such a smart boy :)
Saturday was UT's first football game this year so you had to show your support by wearing your uniform!

We took you to your first college football game Saturday night! Our blood will always run orange, but now that we live in NC we can cheer on the Blue too :)

We were so proud of you! You sat in our laps and intently watched the game with us. We were expecting to have to leave early but you just sat and loved every minute of it. We stayed until there was only 2 minutes left.... Duke beat Elon 41-27

Here you are throwing up your touchdown sign!

Sunday at church you practiced being a big brother by pushing the baby in the stroller. And no I didnt make you do it either :)