Thursday, August 26, 2010

16 months old!

Today you are 16 months old and a ball full of energy! These days you have mastered walking and are now running at times. You giggle all the time and for the most part are cheerful and happy. You are beginning to say some words and almost daily say a new one. Some of your favorites are hi, bye, BALL, shoe, cracker, BALL, tractor, momma, daddy, BALL and BALL. Yes you say ball ALL the time :) You just recently said football and touchdown... getting ready for football season! If you have a ball in your hand you are always happy and tend to search for one when you dont. You pick up a bat and swing it just like you know what you are doing and one of your favorite things to do is watch the baseball games at the fields behind our house. You are quite the daredevil these days climbing on the couches, sliding down slides on your own and wanting to walk everywhere without any help. You are eating much better now that I gave you the reins. If you can spoon it into your own mouth you are happy so you eat a lot of applesauce, fruit, yogurt and cereal. You are also very quick to let us know you are hungry- signing "eat, eat!" You love your boy time with Daddy when yall get in the floor and play rough. You still love to give us kisses all the time. You are a wonderful sleeper, sleeping from 8-8 and then take 2 naps during the day that are 2 hours at least. Overall you are simply a joy my son and we love every minute of our time with you. Your daddy and I often look at each other and say, "How did he get so big so fast?"

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Silly boys

You have been hanging out with Jonathan David lately and I'm beginning to see some similarities in the two of you.

You both can look like you are up to no good

see he is a UT fan too! and also isnt quiet sure what to think of the helmet ha!

Daddy was tickling him just like he does you

Both are jug heads at bathtime!

you two LOVE the bath!

and dumping water on your head

When its time for night night you are all about some MILK!
It is so fun to have a good buddy that you have so much in common with.
We love you Jonathan David :)

Weekend with our buddies!

We were so excited to get to spend a weekend with our sweet friends Amy and Jackson this past weekend. They are our dearest friends that we met at seminary and when they moved back to TN it was very sad for us... so we were so grateful for more time together.

You scoped out a new domain and found a new favorite hiding place behind the curtains. Here you is saying, "BOO!" It was so fun to watch you boys chase each other in and out of these saying boo boo boo to each other :)

Daddy had to get in some good rough and tough boy time with Jack.. it had been awhile!

You both are very into books these days so Daddy loved being able to read to you.

bath time in Granna's giant tub!

You felt like you were in heaven with all the bubbles

Jack's favorite a part was to dump water on your head ha!

We headed to the splashpad Friday so you boys could enjoy the water. It was so hot that you were glad to be in it... Daddy included!

You had a blast running through all of the sprinklers. I love watching your face!

It was Jack's first time at a splashpad so it took him a little longer to jump in. He was so funny standing on the side taking it all in!

Daddy decided he would let you both experience.....

a BIG splash together :)

having a snack while learning how to share the grapes-tough lesson to learn!

I sure do love Jackson's Mommy. It so wonderful to have friends!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The daddy and Griffin ball toss

I caught you and your Daddy doing one of your favorite things to do together. Whenever you have a ball, Daddy will lay down on the floor and start throwing it in the air. You always then walk over and lay down beside him just to watch the ball go up and down. You typically giggle everytime and it is the sweetest.

You are always so perfectly happy when you are right by your Daddy's side. I am so glad you want to be just like him :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ashboro Zoo

We headed to the Ashboro zoo for a fun family day! You are very into animals these days so we thought you would enjoy it... and as soon as you saw these giraffes

you squealed and pointed- we were right ha!

You wanted to get out to get a better view

photo op with Momma

checking out the GIANT gorilla

pointing at the elephant in the distance

snack break!

the lions

my favorite picture- you loved the turtles
and I think mainly bc you could get eye to eye with them :)

I think you were amazed and definitely enjoyed yourself little boy. We will be making more visits to the zoo from here on!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Future Vol in the making!

3 weeks countdown to UT football season calls for a BIG ORANGE photo shoot! Lets go Vols :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

First trip to the ZOO!

While staying with VDiddy and Susu while Mommy was in Nashville, you got to go to the ZOO for the first time! You had so much fun checking out all of the animals!!

You also had your first time in the Scout :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

A Cici, Pipper and Aunt Rachel day!

While Mommy was gone you had some great time visiting Cici, Pipper and Aunt Rachel. They love spoiling you WAY too much :)
This was the first time you were able to point to Cici and Pipper when we asked where they were. It made their day!!

They took you to Roane County Park to their new splashpad and you, being the water boy you are, HAD A BLAST!!!

Aunt Rach was a good guide :)

All smiles on the swing!

Pointing out the ducks

You loved your snuggle time with Pip

Sunday, August 8, 2010

2nd haircut

We went to Cici's beauty shop today to get your 2nd haircut! Your hair has been growing like a weed and was getting in your eyes again so we are so grateful Cici could take care of it for you!!

I had to bribe you to be still with fruit snacks!

not so sure about this ha!

final product
Thanks Cici!!!