Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Playing in the rain!

We had a fun day at the park with some friends and played some softball. Well it just so happened to also come a monsoon rain about 1/2 way through the game.....

You enjoyed playing ball

but were amazed at how much fun it was to play in the RAIN!
this was the first time you had ever been out in the rain and every time I tried to get you to come under the shelter you cried!!!

again... you are ALL boy :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Growing leaps and bounds!

Little boy you are getting so big and I cant hardly stand it. Honestly lately you have amazed me with how smart you are! I can tell you to do anything from, "Griffin sit in your big boy chair and hug your friends (like in the pic above)" or "help me clean up" or "Can you bring me the remote?" and you DO IT! A lot of times I dont think you will really know what I am saying, but I ask anyways and then sit back and am amazed :)

Your love for books has EXPLODED too! Used to you wouldnt just go and pick up a book and read it, but now you do. AND you will bring them to me and then reach to sit in my lap so that I will read it to you. This Curious George goes to the Zoo book is your current favorite. George hides on every page and you can point him out every time!

You are eating anything and everything now days. Daddy finally got to share his cookie batter with you.. which he has talked about doing since I was pregnant with you ha! You loved it of course... along with all other sweet things. You had your first spaghetti recently too and ate it up!

This saddle is set up at church for our upcoming VBS. You will walk by it, point up to it, and then when I put you on it you grab the handle and rock yourself back and forth. WHO TAUGHT YOU THAT? I mean really.. you arent supposed to just know what to do like that :)

This picture warms my heart because I walked in and saw that you sleep just like your Mommy! We both love to sleep with one leg up.....

You are walking/running everywhere now. I took this picture Wednesday of you walking yourself to your nursery class. ALL the way by yourself!
You are such a BIG BOY!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kitty Hawk, NC

Mason taught you how to dig in the sand... or were you teaching him ha?

love that cutie patootie smile!

Daddy was reading and you went over to him and got on his back and then started kissing him. it was the cutest thing!

We had our annual Griffin putt-putt tournament

and you couldnt figure out where the balls went

Uncle Moose loves his little buddy :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Mini Vaca to TN

We surprised Cici and visited her this week while Daddy went to Orlando for the SB Convention. She was so excited to have us... and you were thrilled to see her puppies :)

Aunt Rach blew you bubbles and this was the first time you had seen them. Oh goodness you went crazy :)

We went on a walk to the park so you could swing. So much fun to get the family out of the house!!

Your fav girl :)

We went to play with your cousins Tristan and Olivia

had breakfast with Mamaw and Frank

surprised Aunt Debbie for lunch!

and spent the night with Aunt Missy!
We did LOTS of visiting and covered a lot of miles in just a few days.. but it was SO worth it :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

You are going to be a BIG BROTHER!

Today you found out that you were going to be a BIG BROTHER!! I told you and your Daddy this afternoon. He was in major shock and you just squealed ha! Of course you dont understand what that means just yet but I think once you do understand you will be excited too.. bc you will have a playmate :)

It does make me sad though because that means you arent a baby anymore and instantly become a BIG BOY!!

Your baby brother or sister will be here in February.. ready or not!!! I cant wait to see you with them because I know you will be such a good big brother!!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Time with family

I love when we are in TN and you get to hang out with the family. This picture really cracks me up.. the uncle and aunt in the backseat loving on you :)

This was the trip that Uncle Ty became your buddy! Before now you would just run from him ha!

You loved playing cornhole. VDiddy made us a set and we played over and over

Your Aunt Rach doesnt have to do anything and you just laugh at her constantly :)

We went swimming with Cici and Pipper too! Pip was thrilled to see you loving the water!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Uncle Moose the Graduate!

You went to your first high school graduation to see your Uncle Mason graduate today. It was outside on his football field, so it was a bit toasty but you did great... and the best part was how proud he was to show you off to all his friends. He loves you :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Baby Bennett

Mommy has been babysitting this 4 month old little cutie the past few weeks. Bennett has become your little buddy and it has been precious to watch!

enjoying tummy time together

yes its VERY hard to hold you both ha!

you always want to help when I am changing his diapers

And for the most part you are sweet to him- giving him hugs!

another adorable moment where you decided you needed to be under the playmat too

learning to share our toys
This has definitely been a great experience for you! You started off being very jealous but now show him new things everyday about how to be a big boy. It definitely makes mommy realize you arent a baby anymore :(