Monday, May 31, 2010

White Lake

Our sweet friends the James family invited us to come and celebrate Memorial Day with them at White Lake. Heather and Ashley were on cloud 9 having you there!!

You loved playing in the sand and was not scared of the water AT ALL!

Mommy and Ashley

throwing the football

taking a snack break in the camper

Heather shared her food with you

Uncle Jake and Daddy

relaxing in Larry the crab

You made big buddies with Isaac who is 2. He called you "the baby" and wanted to be with you all the time :)

Mr. Johnny took you in just like his own grandkids

It was a WONDERFUL time! We love being outside, especially near water. And it made it even better to be with some of the sweetest people on earth!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

1 year checkup!

We had your one year check up today, yes one month late because we had switched insurances with Daddy's new job and were waiting to be approved. Anyways... it was one for the record books! WOW I have never seen you cry so hard for so long! The first mistake was that they pricked your finger when we first got there to check your blood. Oh goodness from that point on you screamed. Your feelings were so hurt that she did that.. and when anyone else walked in the room you got more hysterical because you thought they were going to hurt you too. The doctor could barely even check you... it was so pitiful. THEN you had to have 3 shots after that. Goodness it was so bad I had to leave the room and you and your Daddy toughed it out together :)

You are healthy so we are thankful for that! You weighed 22 lbs 13 oz (50%), 32 inches long (90%), and your head circumference was 46cm (45%).

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Daddy's boy

You have been a momma's boy for awhile now so I guess its only fair.... because you are TOTALLY a Daddy's boy right now! You wake up every morning and look around to see if he is home. Then you wait at the window when its almost time for him to get home and when you see him you just squeal! You constantly say, "Daddadadadadada!" And the cutest is when yall are together you will constantly say,"DA!" to get his attention :)

I love seeing you two boys together and I pray that Daddy will always be your hero!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Once a mudcats fan.....

Always a Muddy fan :)

Love that same sweet face!
(4 months and 12 months old)

Friday, May 14, 2010


Today was Uncle Phil's 27th bday. We had him over for dinner to celebrate.

You REALLY enjoyed his cake!

And decided to do this for his present-
You took your first steps!!!! You started taking a few last night when we got back from Tennessee and then when you got up this morning you were determined! You are so funny when you do it because you always hold your hands our to keep your balance and have the biggest smile on your face.
Way to go big boy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Uncle Tyler's graduation

Today Uncle Tyler graduated from UT! He is going to be an engineer and we are SO proud of him!!! I love this picture because to me it says, graduate and future graduate :)

We had a celebration dinner for him afterwards with the family and your cousin Caylor came! We were so excited to see the two of you together because it had been a LONG time. Yall are both on the move though so it was hard to get a picture :)

You are both now standing and you seemed to have a lot of jabber talk to share with each other. This picture makes me laugh. Best buddies!!

And you both love bats and balls!

with your grandpas

and being silly on the bed after a joint diaper change.
It is so fun to watch the two of you grow up together!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day and Baby Dedication

This time last year, you were only 2 weeks old! So tiny and cute. I was so in love then but had no idea how much I could be in love now. It has been the most amazing year of my life!

Look at my big boy now! Goodness its crazy what a difference a year makes. You are a true joy my son and I am honored to be your Mommy.

You were dedicated to the church this morning. We had been wanting to do it for a long time now but were thankful that God worked it out that it could be done at Bethesda, where your Daddy is on staff. How special!

You entertained the audience and we were dying laughing because you started clapping and then everyone clapped for you....

and then you gave them this face! what a character :)

You and your Daddy both took your moms to a baseball game for Mother's Day

Daddy is giving you the 101 on baseball. We were not surprised with how much you were into it because you are ALL about baseballs these days.

right behind the plate so you could see.. and you loved watching the bat and ball!

I love you baby boy and am SO happy to be your Mommy!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

First Haircut!

We decided it was time for your first haircut! You are now one and the bangs are in your eyes...

and you are getting a curl/what mommy calls your rat tail in the back ha!

So our team of 3 went for it! Mommy distracted you with the sucker, Daddy helped hold you still and Cici did the trimming.

All Done! The look on your face says, "Now what was all that fuss about???"

the new back! you look like a brand new man, or should I say little boy :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Birthday parties with your buddies

Mommy and Daddy threw you a birthday party in Wake Forest so that you could celebrate with your buddies. We had it at the Ledford Center at Southeastern and it was so much fun!

You were all smiles for ONE!

all of your little buddies that came: Henry, Lottie, Kori, Whitney, Heather, Maisy, Lily, Isaac, Ella Claire, Faith and Canon

we served some of your favorite snacks and included your favorite trucks for decor

picture banner and tables

cupcake tower

with your favorite Uncle Phil

Stacey and Uncle Jake

showing off your cruising skills

Rachel, Canon, Laurie, Faith, Haley and Lottie- loving the party hats!

You clapped while we sang happy birthday to you

and dug right into your cupcake!

stuffing your face

it sure was tasty! You finished the whole thing :)

so sad the cupcake was all done

present time and you got a ball- YOUR FAVORITE!

our lovely NC friends are trying to convert you into a duke fan. we just like them 2nd best though compared to our vols!