Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Daddy Daycare

Mommy was still very sick at her stomach so Daddy took off work to play with you today! You silly boys in your baseball caps... Im always curious what Daddy is going to dress you in when he is in charge ha!

You got to go for your first ride in Big Red, now that the seatbelts are in! Daddy said you just loved it, clapping your hands and loving being able to see him while he drives :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hanging out with Mamaw and Frank

Mommy was very sick today and did not want you to catch it so while she rested you hung out with Mamaw and Frank all day!

Frank played ball with you

and you danced too!

Mamaw loved feeding you and rocking you to sleep!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Great grandparents day!

This morning we had to say goodbye to Mimi and Potts as it was time for them to go home. We had a great visit with them though and you just loved all the attention they gave you :)

Mamaw and Frank came to spend the day with us though and took us out to dinner at Olive Garden.
You enjoyed using crayons for the first time!

And we enjoyed the evening walking at the park. I love this picture of you and Grandpa Frank!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Daddy's preaching debut

Today was a BIG day for our family! Daddy has been interviewing with our church the past few months and for his final step he had the opportunity to preach to the congregation this morning. He and I both couldnt sleep all night because we were so nervous/excited. God is so good and used him in amazing ways- he preached like he had been doing it for years, not showing it was his first time at all!

The Lewis and Graham families came to support us as well as Mimi, Mamaw and Frank!

We had dinner at O'Charleys afterwards to celebrate. It was a WONDERFUL day!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Shopping with Mimi!

Its not like Mommy to get carried away shopping and forget to take pictures.. but today I did! Here is a shot of you and Potts before we left. He wasnt feeling well and had to go to the doctor. Dont worry I didnt let him kiss on you!

You, Mimi and I had a fun day though. We got new things for summer, which as you can see from your outfit were very much needed ha!

We went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse and had some delicious steaks! Your Daddy had fun teaching you how to ride on a saddle while we waited :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

11 months old!!!

My sweetest boy who is only 1 month away from being ONE! Oh my goodness I seriously do not want to believe it is really true but if I just look at these pictures I can see how big you really are. What a personality you have too! Simply becoming a little boy honestly.

Here are some things about you at 11 months:
wearing 12 month clothes and size 4 diapers
crawling as fast as you can
crusing along the furniture
walking while holding someone's hands
standing by yourself (only until you realize what you are doing)
LOVE the bathtub
so so smart!
love singing songs
dancing to music
rolling cars around
you can do these things if we ask you-
clap your hands
give high five
wave bye and hi
stand up and sit down
give kisses and hugs
sign "more"
play with toys
find specific toys
throw ball
walk behind lion walker toy
You honestly amaze me with something new everyday that you can do!

Here are some other shots from your photo shoot with Sojo. I can usually get a few smiley ones at first until you realize I am taking your picture. Then we get looks like this!

"Too bright!"

and Im done with you Sojo!

Such a little HAM :)

We had special visitors today- Mimi and Potts!! You were so excited to see them and show them all your new tricks!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

You finally like GRASS!

After many attempts of getting you to sit/feel/touch/walk on the grass you finally did it today!!! I had to distract you with the camera...

but then you ventured out on your own and even crawled in it! After a few yucky faces you decided it wasnt 1/2 that bad.

When you saw that big boys like our neighbor Hayden were doing it too, it made it that much more enjoyable! So much so that you laid down in it with him. Ha and yes despite me catching you with your eyes shut, you did like it!

He also brought over his large lab stuffed dog for you to play with!
Look at that hair blowing in the wind :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Waterbottle, sunshine and sweet Caroline!

You have come to love Mommy's waterbottle. It seems to be the only thing we can get you to drink out of other than your bottle. You do well with it though and know just what to do to make it come out. It really is okay with me that you drink from it, all except it makes you seem way to big :(
We headed to the swingset today because it was OH so beautiful!

and you got lots of loves from Miss Caroline at youth group tonight. She cant quite get enough of you and I love watching you just love on her :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dinner with friends

We had dinner with a bunch of our friends tonight to celebrate Amy and Jackson being in town. I had to get a picture of my two good looking boys...

and tried to get one of you and Jack, but this is what happens when you are 18 months old and 11 months old ha!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Shopping with the girls

Aunt Amy and Jack were in town today and we headed to the mall to shop at the new H&M!

We made a pitstop in the kid play area and you rode the horsey with Mommy

then decided you wanted to ride the car too and had a BIG time!

Jack came over and joined you

something you had never seen before got your attention

and you did your best to be like the other big kids around and climb up the slides

Here is a video of you and Jack riding the car. It was both of your first times in something that moved!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

BIG day for our family

Today was a special day and it called for smiley face pancakes for breakfast....

you definitely enjoyed them

It was announced at church this morning that Daddy is nominated for the Family Pastor position at our church. We couldnt be more excited!!! Big day for Isham and Green families :)

Between church services Dadd

You saw your first motorcycle in the parking lot! It was very loud and had your attention for a long time.... so carries on your love for things with wheels :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

John Deere King!

We went to Lily Todd's 4th birthday party today and it was a gorgeous day so we had all kinds of fun things outside! Isaac let you borrow his John Deere tractor and you were sure what to do!!

We also had a Easter egg hunt and you did so good spotting the eggs AND picking them up to put them in your bucket.

Daddy had to help you push the petal because you arent quite big enough yet!

But I would say your absolute favorite thing was the swing! You just sat and enjoyed the scenery for about 45 minutes :)

Mommy's boy

Mommy and the birthday girl Lily

You learned to drink from a water bottle today! We are going to have to get you one your own size though because Mommy's is almost as big as YOU!!

Friday, March 19, 2010


We got a free pass to go check out a local Kindermusik class and we took them up on the offer today! You were not to sure what was going on at first but had fun cheesing at all the kids and the moms.
But when they got out the big drum you were ALL about it!! So cute to see you light up :)

It was a beautiful day, so while daddy was working on Big Red, you and I just soaked up the rays.

And because it was a wonderful Spring day, that meant a stop at Sonic! You enjoyed the leftover ice from Mommy's drink.

cool daddy :)