Monday, August 31, 2009

Nap wars

Today you fought your mommy as hard as you could about taking a nap. It seems that on weekends when you are getting held a lot and you nap in someone's arms... it always makes it that much harder to get you back in your routine come Monday. I have learned it from weekends away in the past though and so I try and plan for you and I to stay at home Mondays to get back in the swing of things. You did really good at fighting it today though and managed to stay up from 9-3 and then only took a 20 minute nap then. Needless to say you went to bed early tonight at 7pm because you were EXHAUSTED!!!

But before bed you and Daddy had a big time together. Have I mentioned before that you love hanging out with him?? :)

Here you two are with the melons.. both VERY proud that your work on the garden paid off!

Daddy getting you to giggle... watch the video to see

Sunday, August 30, 2009

3 Amigos

Here we all are after breakfast this morning. The mommys and there boys!
Logan- 5mo, Jackson-12mo, Griffin- 4mo

After our devotion time at the cabin we headed on back to our home. Once we got everything unpacked and settled back in you had a bath and played around in your pjs for awhile. I think you were excited to be back home :)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Jackson!!!

Last night we drove to the western part of NC to have a birthday weekend with your buddy Jackson! His grandparents have an amazing place there and we sure enjoyed relaxing in the mountains. It was right at home for your Daddy bc he loves the rustic feel and being outdoors... and he especially loved some snuggle time with you this morning in our room!

I am not sure what it was about the mountain air but you sure passed out for your nap! this was quite unusual as you typically do not nap well throughout the day, and especially not for 2 hours!!! I had to go and check on you every 15 minutes or so because I wasnt sure what was going on!

Here you are with your new buddy Logan. Logan is 1 month older than you and his Mommy and Jackson's mommy Amy are friends. You two had a big time rolling around in the floor together.

and riding on Thomas the Train too!

Daddy even got you to be a daredevil and had you standing up on it.

just hanging out with your Daddy

There is the birthday boy Jackson!!! He is 1 year old now!!!! We had a fun party with great food and watched him open all his toys. Man it will sure be fun when it is your turn huh?!?

I snapped this picture at the end of the night. You two were inseperable all day and you ended your night with a little father/son chat. You love to watch Daddy's lips move when he is talking to you :)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Playdate with Jonathan David!

This morning Auntie Elizabeth and Jonathan David came over for a play date! This was really just the 2nd time we have had you two boys together and it was fun to see how much you both had grown!

This is your new rattle that you love now. You are so proud that you can hold it on your own but often times end up hitting yourself with it. We need to work on the hand/eye coordination boy :)

It is so great that you have a little buddy your size to play! Even though you are 4 months and he is 2 months.. he has already caught up with you.. and even surpassed you on the hair ha!!! What handsome boys you are :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Early riser

This morning you decided you did not want to go back down after you 630am feeding. Your Daddy was already awake at this time studying so we joined him in the living room trying to go back to sleep.... BUT you were having NONE of it!

and that is the reason for you falling asleep during your activity time ha!!!

Our friend Kaho came over for dinner to meet you. You guys got along great and he kept calling you "my little friend." It was too sweet!

Then you, Daddy and Kaho came to Mommy's last softball game. We sadly ended our season with a loss, but I had a lot of fun playing and it was even more fun
knowing that you were my #1 fan :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

4 months old!

Today you are 4 months old!!!
Here is whats going on in your world right now:
- you can roll over!!
-love to grab at our faces
-you giggle when we kiss you under your chin
-you are ticklish on your feet
-can take your pacifier in and out of your mouth
-you put ALL your toys in your mouth
-you are sleeping from 8pm until 5-6am for a feeding and then back down until 8am!!!
-wearing size 2 diapers and 3-6 month clothes
-you can hold your bottle when you have your feeding before bed
-you still do not like your naptimes in the afternoon and have started crying so hard that you get the crying gasps.. breaks mommy's heart :(
-you do not like being alone- if we walk out of the room you whine whine whine!

Today we spent the day with Aunt Hope. We had not seen her since you very first came home from the hospital, so it was definitely time to reunite. We went to lunch and then just hung out and the house catching up.

Once Daddy got home he practiced getting you to stand up on your own and you did very good with your balance! I know that God gave us Daddy's to make you do things that your Mommy's are scared to make you do ha.. because I was too afraid you were going to fall the whole time :)

I love you my little boy and am so thankful for the past 4 months with you! You are the light of my life!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Chapel at Southeastern

This morning we went to your first chapel service. It was the Convocation service to start the semester off and you did so good! We got to see your Auntie Elizabeth and many other friends too... and best of all we got to see Daddy :)

Tonight while Mommy was at her softball game you hung out with Daddy and Sojo. It appears from the pictures Daddy took that you guys hung out in the swing together. You love to sit and talk to Sojo!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Those BIG baby BLUES!

I just love this sweet picture and how it captures you adorably chubby cheeks, those precious big lips and the big baby blues! Granted that I know I am alittle biased being your mom and all, but seriously little boy your precious smile just melts my heart!

Tonight we went on a nice long walk to the seminary and back with Daddy. It was so relaxing for you that you took a cat nap....

and then were up and atam again looking like a cool dude with that hat cocked sideways. It was funny that your hat kept turning that way despite your daddy wanting you to wear it straight and continuing to fix it every time we stopped. You were just meant to be cool I guess :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Sunday

Here you are happy as ever ready for church and playing in your exersaucer while me and Daddy get ready. You had on the cutest outfit but I hate I didnt get a better picture of it!

After church we had the Todd's over for lunch. I totally meant to get some pictures of their time over too but everything was chaotic with your Daddy playing with all the kiddos and everyone running around that I forgot. We enjoyed our time with them for sure!!

The rest of the day we just spent relaxing. You and I took a nap while Daddy read and then you played in the floor while he was reading more. Classes have started so there is only more reading to come!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Daddy's little buddy

You were truly a Daddy's boy today! You two got up early and played together while Mommy slept in and then while I was cleaning I caught you two outside studying. You love just being right with Daddy, doing whatever it is that he is doing.

Bath time!

While we were waiting on Uncle Phil to get to our house so we could leave for the baseball game, I decided to have a little photo shoot with you and Muddy. Here you are getting acquanted with him- I think you are trying to figure out what he is ha!

Okay and now he is your friend!

and you decided to give him love too!

man he is so funny

pic with Mommy

and a picture of Daddy giving you kisses- you attack his face when he is doing it :)

Just another day at the ball park for the Isham boys

but it was a special game for you because they gave you a free Muddy lunchbox!

The bib says it all :)

Friday, August 21, 2009

rough battle with constipation!

Believe it or not you do still love your mommy EVEN with the rough day you had today. You had not went #2 since Sunday which meant 5 days of back up! You have never gone this long before and today you spent most of your day grunting to try and get it all out of there! We ended up trying a few remedies to see if it would help but the answer we came up with by the end of the night once you EXPLODED in your swing ha.. was prune juice. Bless your little heart!

You were still acting normal today for the most part. You discovered Daddy's UT class ring and he let you wear it!

And this just makes me laugh so I had to get the picture. We have these rings on your car seat to help hold toys up for you and for some reason you love just hanging on to them like they are your safety of something. Oh you silly little boy :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Todd family babysits

Tonight your Daddy and I had a date night and you got to go hang out with the Todd family. Christina said you were very good and the kids loved having you there. From the looks of this picture I think she was right... this is what they did as soon as you arrived :)

you fit right in eating dinner at the table with them too ha!

sweet Lily loves to hold baby Griffin

and Isaac loves to give you hugs too! We are so thankful for them serving us!!! How lucky we are to have such great friends :)

Here are your Daddy and I at dinner. Its not to often that we take a picture of just the two of us anymore ha! And notice Mommy's new hair.. I chopped it all off!!

We are always eager to get back and get our little boy though. And look at you- tonight you decided you wanted to try and hold the bottle ALL by yourself!