Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Good news and bad news

Good news is that this morning you laughed out loud at your mommy! I was so shocked when I was playing with you early this morning to hear your little chuckle.. it was so sweet!

Bad news is today was 2 month shot day. You did very well though and only cried for a short bit. I honestly think you hated being held down worse than the actual shot going in! We didnt notice a fever or really any change other than you were sleepy afterwards.

Here are your other 2 month stats:

height- 23 3/4 inches (75 percentile)
weight- 12 pounds (55 percentile)
head circumference- 40.2 (55 percentile)

You are right on target for all of your development- cooing, smiling responsively, holding head up, looks at faces, tracks and follows objects, and shows pleasure with parents (esp your mommy ha!)

Tonight we went over to Auntie Elizabeth and Uncle Rich's to take them dinner. We had a great time visiting and couldnt believe how big Jonathan David has gotten.

He was a sleeping cutie :)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Activity Mat Time!

Today Mommy remembered that you had an activity mat in the closet so we pulled it out! You did so good and really seemed to enjoy it for the first time doing it. I was very impressed how you would reach out for the little animals and also carry on a conversation with them too :)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lets go Daddy!

This morning we got to cheer on Daddy while he participated in the Wake Forest mini Triathlon. Here we all are before he took off!
and here we are at the finish line! We are so proud of Daddy!

he was so excited that you were there to cheer him on :)

after a very early morning for us all we came home and napped....

and then you got on Skype with VDiddy and Nana Sue. You do so good every time we set up the camera and always look right into it for them ha!
We finished off the night relaxing while watching a movie.. well as much as you can relax during a war movie :)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Church Summer Celebration

Today we had a summer celebration with our church for the community. It was a great time of fellowship, games and great food! It was a bit hot out though and so therefore you napped for most of the time....

You and Mommy helping out with the registration

you thought Mr. George was so funny!

Me and Daddy went on another date night once we got home and Aunt Haley and Papaw Micah were so sweet to watch you for us. You did great!

We are always eager to get back and see this sweet smile though :)

your favorite thing right now- standing up with Daddy

and you have found your bottom lip and suck on it all the time!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Morning Chat Sessions and more Pool!

I just love our morning chat sessions. You are always so talkative in the mornings and want to be right by my side. So while I am watching Good Morning America and eating my breakfast you just hang out sitting on your boppy and tell me all about your night! You are always so busy with your arms and legs moving all over the place and your mouth so eager to get out words ha!

Once Daddy got home we went swimming again! We are so blessed to have neighbors that share their pool with us :)

Just a lounging in Larry the Crab

I steal about a million kisses from you everyday!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just Mommy and Me

Daddy went to play golf with Papaw Micah today so it was just you and me boy. We had a nice lazy evening. After a bath we cuddled up on the couch and watched a movie together.
I love our snuggle times!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mudcats Smallest Fan

We headed to yet another Mudcats game tonight to use our free passes and were lucky enough to be able to get front row right behind the plate! It was perfect weather and a great game... and all the other fans just couldnt get over how cute you were and how SMALL :)

I think we have spoiled you by taking to you to so many games that now its just no big deal for you. You always do so good just hanging out in Dad's lap watching the game.

Thats until its time for a nap and then you just sleep through all the noise!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cool kid

Today you and Mommy cleaned up the house and did more laundry. I know I know.. how many times can we do laundry right? Well believe it or not I used to not have to do as much until you came along. Now you are not only getting your clothes dirty with spitup, poopy and peepee but you also get it all over mommy and daddy at times too!
We had some good tummy time too and somehow you scratched your cheek today just under your eye, long nails I am sure. They grow SOO fast! I cut them about twice a week and you still get yourself with them.
Once Daddy got home we decided to go on a walk to the school and down through downtown and back. It was such great weather and we even stopped for gelato ice cream (Mommy's new favorite!) Look at you in your cool baseball cap and sunglasses... such a cool kid :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Pool Time!

We decided to give you another try in the pool today.. and you did great! Here you are dressed and ready to go- thanks Cici for the matching outfit :)

the new float, "Larry the crab" was amazing and you loved it!

just lounging back in the float like its no big deal

you didnt seem to notice all of the loud children all around you

and instead decided to just take a nap

after you were all done you crashed out- we must have worn you out! here was Daddy's set up for you so that you wouldnt be in the sun.

AND you REALLY were pooped because you slept for an hour once we got home!

here is mommy's little cutie getting his bath to get all of the chlorine off.

Cant wait for more pool time soon!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day, 8 weeks old and meeting Jonathan David

Today was Daddy's very first Father's Day. Here you both are before church, my two handsome boys! After church we went to his favorite- the Cracker Barrel! You always get so many people's looks anytime we go anywhere because you are just so cute. Today was no different but we heard 2 things we had yet to hear: "that baby needs to be on TV.. he is so pretty!" and "is that a midget baby? he has to be the smallest baby I have ever seen!" Dont worry son, you are far from a midget.. that man was just crazy and has obviously NEVER seen a baby before ha!

After lunch we headed to the hospital to meet Jonathan David! He was born yesterday so you two are 8 weeks apart!

Here you are trying to show Jonathan what it looks like to be a big boy standing up

and here you are checking him out :) It made Mommy so sad to see how big you are compared to him! It seems just like yesterday that you were that small laying in the hospital.

such a precious little boy with TONS of hair ha!

after a long day you and mommy came home and crashed! I just love snuggling with you my little boy!

Today you are 8 weeks old and here is what life is like with you:
eating every 3 hours and a noisy eater!
love your swing and take your afternoon naps there
sleep 5 hours during first stretch at night.. then 3 hours after that
like sitting up and standing up on your feet
give us lots of "ah's and oh's"
can follow people or things around the room
still getting the hiccups ALL the time!
wearing size 0-3 and 1 in diapers
and if mom walks away from you this is what happens :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hanging out with mom and dad

This morning Daddy had a men's day at church so you and Mommy had a lazy morning and then got you dressed for Daddy for Father's Day in your "Daddy's MVP" outfit. What a handsome little man you are!

And this bib really says it all for you my dear. You are quite the pooper :)

I introduced you to Mrs. Whoopie the blowfish that your Aunt Liz got you and you just thought she was really funny looking ha!

You were very excited to give Daddy your Father's Day present once he got home. We decided to make him a picture board so he could show you off at work. He also got a coffee mug with pictures of the two of you on it.. and some clothes from Mommy.

my two handsome men ready to take me on a date!

We had a nice night eating at Pei Wei, shopping at Old Navy and then enjoying Coldstone while sitting outside in the beautiful weather listening to a band play.
What a great day!