Thursday, April 30, 2009

First day at home

Today was our first day home with just the three of us. You did really well last night sleeping in your crib for the first time. You got up about every 2 hours, but as soon as you fed went back down. I am starting to see that your favorite time to be wide awake is between 4-6am. I just love to sit there and look at you as you look around with your eyes at everything. Daddy got you up at 9 and dressed you while Mommy took a shower. He put you in your "I love mommy outfit" the same one that she used to tell him that we were expecting you :) He also enjoyed reading books to you all day long. Griffin I have to tell ya son that you have one amazing Daddy. He was such a great encourager to Mommy through your whole birth process and didnt leave my side one time. There is no way I could have done it without his love and support. AND ever since the second he saw you he has been smitten and will not put you down. He has changed every diaper that you have had so far and loves to just have you on his chest all the time. I think you already like him a lot, but believe me it will only get better (I know it has for me over the last 10 years).
Your uncle Phil came over to visit some as well as our neighbors. We were blessed with a wonderful dinner from the Salsbury's from church and then gave you your first bath afterwards. ALL Daddy has talked about before you got here was how he cant wait for your bath time, so he was the man in charge. Mommy's job was to take pictures and sadly I didnt do a very good job. See Mommy has these things called hormones and they are REALLY crazy right now. She got worried that Daddy was getting you too wet and that you were freezing so she could do nothing but cry. You made it okay though and really didnt seem to mind it. I loved getting you snuggled in the towel afterwards though and you smelled so good! You went to bed with no problem and we now know that this will be a part of your every day routine since it helps you relax and get ready for bed so well.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

First day at home!

This morning started again early as we anticipated getting to take you to our home. You didnt get much sleep last night as you were still a bit fussy from your circumcision. Both of our doctor's stopped by to get one last check before we were discharged, then Daddy packed up the car and we were gone by 10:30! Cici had went to our house to make it extra special for you arrival with blue bows, a special wreath and your "Its a boy banner" all hanging up. Uncle Phil, Granny and Aunt Jean were also there. It was so much fun to give you a tour and show you your room we had been working on for so long now. Everyone left by that afternoon, and then it was just the 3 of us. Wow how surreal to finally have our baby boy home with us.. and what now? Well you enjoyed your swing some and continued to sleep a lot. We started learning our lesson that night though to try and keep you awake, as you went down at 10 and got up at 12, 2, 4, and 5:20. Mom ended up falling asleep with you in the rocker and I am sure that will be the first of many times. You did much better breastfeeding but are still getting frustrated every time it is time to get you settled down and latched on.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hospital Picture Day

After showering this morning I saw such a sweet moment between you and your daddy. He was reading you your Bible story out of your story Bible. He read this to you every night when you were in mommy's belly and he was so excited to finish the book and then be able to start over again once you got here. You just sat there and listened...
Dr. Holton gave you your circumcision this morning and he said you did great, not even one cry! Once you got back with mommy and daddy you were really sleepy and a bit fussy, but overall did great. Cici stopped by this morning to say hello before going shopping some for you. Then your Granny and Grandpa came over and spent the whole afternoon with you. Granny loved kissing and rocking you and Grandpa loved singing to you. We had more visitors as well, Joel and Kim Smelley as well as Abbey and Beth. You had your hospital pictures taken today and mommy and daddy decked you out in your TN gear. You were a bit fussy but I think they turned out really good. We were excited to hear that we could take you home tomorrow and Daddy spent time getting all of our bags packed up. Mommy has started pumping her milk now and is very thankful that she seems to have plenty for you. Cici came back that evening and gave you your very first bottle; you gobbled it down.

Monday, April 27, 2009

First Day in hospital

I woke up at 3:30 this morning to feed you and then just stayed awake looking at you. It is funny how I already cant keep my eyes off of you. Your pediatrician stopped by to see you as well as my Dr. Holton and we both checked out well. You had dropped weight to 7.4 now. You have been nursing well but are not very hungry today because you had plenty in reserve from mommy. We had a special visit from VDiddy and Nana Susu this morning and it was so great to see them. Susu made you a sweet crocheted hat and VDiddy just couldnt stop looking at you. Mamaw Ann and Frank soon joined us and we had a great time recounting what the previous day had been like and just soaking up that you were finally here. Mimi, Potts, Rachel and Cici came shotrly after. Aunt Rachel cant keep her hands off you and wants to hold you all the time. Mimi and Potts are so excited to be great grandparents too. And did you know your 2nd cousin Caylor was born on the very same day as you? I know you two boys will have so much fun growing up together!! Granny Reba, Grandpa Vic and Aunt Jean stopped by to visit some more as well as our friends Amy, Laurie, Richmond, Elizabeth, the Todds, Jonathan Chandlar, Jordan and Michael and Uncle Phil too. This afternoon after everyone had gone home, Cici spoiled you while mom and dad took a nap. You did really well sleeping, waking up at 1230, 330 and 700 to feed.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

April 26, 2009- My birthday

It all began Saturday when I woke up with some contractions. They continued throughout the day but would never remain to stay consistent or long enough. My Mamaw Ann and Frank had decided to come on up, thinking the induction was coming on Monday, and so we all went to dinner at the Olive Garden. Throughout dinner I continued to have contractions but they were still too far apart. Once we got home we decided to go for a walk and that was when I knew it was the real deal. We started timing them at 7:32 and by 9:30 we knew we needed to call the doctor. We had walked for most of that time and I think that really made all the difference. During the walk we all started craving Sonic so therefore we went there about 9:00... yes again I was still contracting. Once we returned home Dr Holton did say it sounded like the real deal so we packed up the car and headed to the hospital. Upon arriving we saw the nurse who also cofirmed that she agreed it was the real deal and we wouldnt be going home. This was a big relief for me because I was worried that if this wasnt the real deal then there was no way I could make them if they were more painful ha! Dr. Holton then came in to check me about 11:00 and to my disappointment once I had stopped walking around and sat in the bed, they had stopped. What were the odds? Now going on for over 3 hours and as soon as it was time to see the doc and get things going, they all stopped. So then he gave us some options: walk around more in the hospital, start the induction like we were going to on Monday, or go home and sleep. Well I knew I couldnt just go home and sleep so we decided to go for a walk. We walked from 12-2 and the contractions had returned and were even stronger. I was now at 1cm and it was time to start monitoring your heartbeat and my contractions. After waiting to see if things would progress more, he decided that we needed to go ahead and have the balloon inserted into my cervix so that it would help thin it out. Let me tell ya that was pretty painful!!! We also decided to start pitocin at this point. This intesified my contractions so much that I was ready for that epidural :) 5:00 am I received the epidural and I couldnt believe how easy it was! It made a HUGE difference as well in my pain, and in fact I couldnt feel a THING! At 11:00 we were excited to hear that the balloon had fallen out now and I was at 4cm. Doc decided to go ahead and break my water as well. I was still feeling so well at this point that once our family started arriving from TN we had them all up to say hello. There were several times that I had to ask if I was even still having contractions because the epidural was working so well.. Halleluah! However after increasing the pitocin they began to get so strong that I began to feel the pressure again. At 3:30 we kicked everyone out and started breathing through the contractions again. I was now at 5cm. 4:45 Dr. Holton said that because I had remained the same for so many hours that he was not hopeful that I would progress anymore and then told us that if within another hour if I had not progressed anymore then we would have to do a C-section. This did not come as much of a shock to me bc I had already prepared myself for it to happen. JR and I talked through the decision and were pleased that the end had finally come and our son would be here soon. We spent some time learning about what would happen during the c-section and then proceeded to just cry in anticipation that we would REALLY see you soon. 5:45- No progress made so prep for C-section began. Surgery began at 6:25 and YOU were born at 6:33pm!!! You weighed 7 lbs and 9 ounces and were 20 1/2 inches long. The sound of your first gasp was heard and then about 3 minutes later they brought you around to see us. All we could do was cry- all 3 of us ha. WERE YOU REALLY HERE??? Daddy then went to the nursery with you and they finished my surgery at 7:10. Amazing that they can get the baby out in 8 minutes and yet it takes them 45 minutes to put me back together ha. I then went into a recovery room and that is where I got to hold you for the first time. To look into your eyes for the first time was the best feeling in the world- totally amazing! We all 3 got to our room at 8:30 and that is when all the family was able to come visit. They had already seen you in the nursery and JR had showed them his video he took as well. Come to find out you was sunny side up (meaning head down but looking up instead of down as we had hoped) and your umbilical cord also was acting like a seatbelt across your chest, not allowing you to move down into the birth canal. Either way you are here and we are just thankful that you are nice and healthy!