Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve!

We got all bundled up today because it was SOOO cold out! VDiddy and Susu took us to the Old City to try out a new restaurant and check out some shops down there. I just love you in your new vest :)

And wouldnt you know it.. here you are flirting with the waitress again. Man I am telling ya what.. anytime a girl comes up and talks to you, you always get the biggest cheese on your face :)

We let you try your first french fry because we knew you liked potatoes but you werent sure what to do with the consistency... you are still a baby food kind of guy.

We also cut up a roll for you to try. You arent quite into eating table food yet but you love to feel it and investigate it all.

We rang in the new year watching the Vols play VA Tech in the Chickfila bowl and sadly we lost. Your Aunt Rach was there with us and that is all you really cared about because she is your favorite. Happy New Year little boy!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day with the girls!

You went shopping with Mommy, Cici and Aunt Jessica today. I thought it was hilarious when we were in a dressing room you found some new toys... if you only knew what you were playing with ha!
Aunt JD came over to see you and bring you a Christmas present. She got you some great books and a sock monkey too- both are great because you love to eat the books (its that stage) and flip them too... and we all know you are Mr. Sock Monkey!

VDiddy had to give you some balls to play with so you could feel a little more manly. Look how coordinated you are holding them with both hands. You can already palm them :)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We love to visit!

We drove to Athens today so we could see Aunt Katie and had lunch with her at Cracker Barrel....
and we had dinner with Nana Robin. She had us over for our Christmas time together and would you believe she got you the school house rock dvd!?! Oh we cant wait to sing and learn :)

Monday, December 28, 2009


You have mastered getting up on all fours now....

and sure are happy about it :)

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Look how handsome you were for church this morning!

We spent the day with the VDid. The Raymond twins came over and we all had a great time watching you 3 boys.

Vidddy couldnt wait to give you your first taste of popsicle, as they are his favorite.

It was cold but you kept coming back for more :)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

8 months old!

Today me, you, Daddy and Aunt Rach headed to West Town mall to take back a few things. You were such a good boy!

We also got to visit with Mimi, Potts and Poppa. Poppa is sick and in the hospital so it made his day to get to see you!
You are 8 months old today little boy and still growing growing! Here are some facts about life for you now:
- wearing 12 month clothes
- size 3 diapers
- all formula now (you weened yourself just yesterday)
-eating 3 meals a day (oatmeal and fruit for breakfast, yogurt for lunch and rice and veggies for dinner)
-sleeping well at night and 2 naps a day
- you can roll em up when we say the patty cake song
-you HATE getting your diaper and clothes changed now and squirm all over the place
-pulling up on tables and anything you can get your hands on
- you are such a HAPPY boy! Smiling all the time and one cheeser :)
- you love to flirt with anyone new, especially waitresses at restaurants

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

So excited for your first Christmas morning!!! We stayed at Cici's last night and woke up and you just couldnt believe all of the presents you were going to get to open!

Your favorite thing by far was to play and eat the bows!

Daddy and I couldnt believe your first Chritmas was really here. So happy to be a family of 3 this year :)

Cici and Pipper were ready to spoil spoil spoil you!

and I think its safe to say you were!

After breakfast we headed to VDiddy and Susu's. We all had so much fun watching you open more presents. We were REALLY thankful for your big boy car seat!!

You and Daddy were present opening buddies

Dede and Poppy joined us too!

We had a wonderful day with family celebrating Jesus' birthday today. I cant wait to teach you more about Christmas in years to come! This year will always be special as your first Christmas and I will never forget the year I was able to see all of it through your eyes.
Merry Christmas little buddy!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve with Mimi and Potts

We had our family Christmas with Mimi and Potts and the crew. It was definitely a day all about the two of you...

3 ladies that LOVE LOVE LOVE you!

I know I am going to take some heat from you later for this picture but we just had to do it.. and you are one cute little snowman :)

Your favorite new toy! You can ride on him or walk behing him and I cant believe you are already big enough to do both!!

Our Christmas family picture

the birthday twins!

all the grandchildren and great grandchildren

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The kazoo and piano

You love VDiddy's kazoo.. he played it for you while you were with him this past weekend and now it has become a favorite of yours....

Daddy is learning to play the piano and VDiddy was teaching you a few things too

and Susu just cant get enough of that grin of yours :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Christmas fun begins

Uncle Tyler loves that you and him have matching hats... arent you so cute!

This is my favorite picture of you and your cousin Tristan. He is 22 months old and you are 8 months however you are getting closer and closer to being big buds!

We had Christmas at Granny and Papaw's today

and they got you a wagon AND a tricycle!
Thanks Granny and Papaw!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Cici, Tyty and Aunt Rach Day

This morning you got up and went to Cici's house to play!

Uncle Tyler playing with you

Cici feeding you

Aunt Rach loving on you

and Pipper just in awe of you!

You were very good while we were gone and we were happy for you to have grandparents time HOWEVER we couldnt wait to get home to you little boy. We sure did miss you!!!